Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week Three in the MTC!

Hello family and all!!

I feel like I've been singing that song from the subject all day, because: "We're half way theeerreee!" We're about half way through our MTC time now, can I hear a woot woot!!!
Man, it's been a crazy week. Full of lots of ups and downs, but overall it's been great. It's so true here how the days feel like weeks. Wow.
Last Wednesday after writing we went to the temple, the best thing ever.  Then Thursday.. whew. Thursdays and Fridays are definitely the most stressful days, but also the most rewarding days. We had TRC, but found out we aren't skyping with members in Germany quite yet. So we taught 2 lessons to volunteers from the valley who speak German. It was soo nice, they gave feedback, and could help us with our German. It was really such a blessing. And both ladies we spoke to commented on our ability to speak German and how impressed she was. The gift of tongues is real, she pointed out. I definitely believe that. And then we gave another lesson to our investigator "Andrea". It went really well, and I felt that the spirit was in our lesson. Although my German was horribly broken, and similar to: "God love you. This is true. Follow Christ." It still was good.

I learned this week to just step into the dark one step. Even if it's scary. Just like Indiana Jones, where he has to cross that huge deep pit and can't see the path in front of him. But he takes that first step. It's so true. Christ will guide you, it's terrifying to let go, but it's worth it.
Then Friday, we had another lesson, learned to keep our lessons more interesting. Elder Holland said something like we need to have something happening every minute in our lesson.

We watched Elder Holland's talk, "Do Ye Love Me", where he kind of grills all of us asking if we love Christ. Sooo good.  We weren't able to see the Women's Broadcast, they'll show it to us this General Conference weekend while the elders are watching the Priesthood session. To keep us all busy, I think is the plan. I'm really excited though, I've heard Elder Uchtdorf's talk is good!

Monday and Tuesday were amazing, so full of blessings. We had two lessons Monday and one on Tuesday. So many funny things. Mostly that in one lesson, our investigator, (our teacher) couldn't keep a straight face, and I pulled out some pictures from that gospel art book I have, thinking it would be helpful to have a visual. Well, we're teaching the Plan of Salvation, and I'm all, showing her a picture of the earth, and Adam and Eve, and we all just start laughing. Our investigator is like 34 years old, so it's not like she NEEDS pictures.. haha. And then she started asking us questions every 2 minutes, and she stumped us, every time. And we just continued laughing because we'd get started again on our material and then were stopped. Haha, oh the struggles of trying to speak another language!

And Tuesday we had a good devotional by Gregory Schwetzer from the 70, about commandments, and how to teach them to our investigators. And we had a half-day in German on Tuesday, where we could only speak German for that morning. That was a real struggle, but ended up being really helpful as we all felt like we began to think in German, and it came a little more naturally. Also, General Conference!! We are all so excited for conference, to hear from the prophets and be built up. And to have such a relaxing weekend. Hurrah for General Conference!

All is well here, there are so many blessings every day. I just need to always be on the look out for them!! It's been getting better and better as I feel like we hit a turning point this week. Like, we can do this, let's make these last 3 and a half weeks the best we can! And our district is getting closer and closer, it's so fun. I feel like I've known them all for 4 years already.

-Apparently the Bulgarians who are a floor above us, had a good lesson the other day. Getting lost in translation a bit, one companion said in a lesson: "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be crucified?" Oh, yikes. Haha, and I thought our lessons went bad.
-Ziploc bags come in handy, at any time or place. So do baby wipes. Let's just say that we have a plan for this weekend involving ziploc bags and safety pins. We're real sneaky.
-There is so much construction on campus now.. so the small campus that we were used to being able to walk on has now been divided in half... haha. We love it.
-As I was bearing testimony is a lesson, I began to switch to spanish for some odd reason, and said, "I know that this church is true, I have 'mucho' love for my savior.." Oh awkward. Everything else was in German except for that. Haha, golden.

I love you all, thank you so much for your support, it seriously means the world. I've learned this week that: Alles ist moglich durch Christus! (All is possible through Christ).

Keep it cool, peeps.
Liebe immer, your favorite sister,
Sister Titensor.

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