Monday, July 20, 2015

July 13, 2015

Sup familie!

Thanks for your letters this last week, Kiel is still gorgeous, and we
are loving it!

Biggest happenings this last week, we met our new President at Zone
Conference! He brought his daughters, and returned missionary son. It
is so fun to have little kids in the mission! He and his wife gave a
lot of themes together, and he is very focused on getting
investigators to the temple! We are to make two baptismal dates for
our investigators: one for their own baptism, and then one when they
will enter the temple to do baptisms for their ancestors. Cool
perspective, yeah? Overall, it was a good conference, and I'm stoked
to get to know him better! Elder Morton and I did a musical number to
close the meeting, and it turned out amazingly! I played what was a
mix of "Come Thou Fount" and "Joseph Smiths First Prayer".

We've been doing lots of finding and visiting less actives, so it's
been a bit slower work wise, but I have faith it'll pick up soon.

Funny story of the week: we were walking down the sidewalk towards a
less active's home, and all of a sudden, I get shoved into the most
thorny bush of my life- Sister Davis pushed me into it, and HELD me in
it- as I'm screaming to let me out, she finally realizes that the bush
was not as friendly as she had thought. "I'm so sorry, I'm blind! I
didn't mean it! I can't see details like that!" Haha, now she's
learned her lesson. Haha

On Sunday, a less active came to church that hasn't come for years!!
Woo hoo! She is so cute, her sister is in the Ward, and was the one
that invited her. The power of member missionary work is real!! Never
underestimate an invitation! Thats another thing I've learned, is how
easy it is just to extend an invite. I know all missionaries say that,
but it's a fact! The Lord doesn't expect us to make complete miracles
happen, but it all starts with an invite. Don't be afraid, and see the
hand of the Lord work in your life. :)

And many of the Rendsburg members made it to church! It went really
well, and I think many of them feel comfortable already. Our ehepaar,
or mission couple are back in our Ward now too, so we're stoked! The
Cooks are the cutest mission couple I have ever met.

This last week I've been studying lots about the temple, especially
with this new mission focus, and I miss the temple so much!! We really
are so blessed to have the blessings of the temple so easily. Don't
delay receiving the full blessings, our Father in Heaven wants us to
have the fullness! I am so grateful for the eternal vision we have as
members of the church.

Love you all!! Thanks so much for all you do family and friends!
Sister Titensor

Pic: found chocolate while out finding- finding miracles!

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