Friday, March 13, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!

Whelp, the last of my American deodarent just ran out... you know what that means... I hit my 6 month mark!!! Woo hoo!!!!! Haha, we might go get a "Berliner" to celebrate, which are their super famous filled doughnuts. Yeah yeah.
And this week overall has been crazy- we have found more investigators in one week than I ever have my whole time here, what? We are being so blessed here! And our distrikt as a whole this one week- we have found 18 new investigators. That is crazy good!

Last Monday we went inside the Berliner Dome and to the Rittersport Chocolate store! Enjoyed the sights of the main Berlin. That night we had an awesome FHE with a member and her sister- played some games, thanks to the ones I remember from Young Womens. Thank YW's! The sister, Virginia, was so amazed with all the "amazing" things we have in America, especially the packet juices, like kool-aid. "You just, pour this sugar into water, and it becomes juice! That is the coolest thing!" Haha, yeah, I guess... "And your chaptsticks, you have so many different varieties! We only have like... 5 here." Haha

Tuesday we got one new investigator! She was someone we went by in November, just because we had a name and address. She was super busy, and didn't seem too interested. Went by then, bore testimony that we can find peace in our stressful world, and set up a termin with her!! Super excited, she is from Portugal, and doesn't speak German. Her english is ok, but we hope to get someone in our ward to help out.

Wednesday was our Zone Training Meeting- seriously the best!! It was our whole Berlin Zone together, we are now bigger than before! President and his wife came and he shared an awesome message about really loving the people and not worrying about the language. He showed us some sweet mormon messages about it. It was the uplift that I needed for the week. Then we met with Wichian, ahhh, he is so close! Technically his taufe datum- baptism date is this Saturday..but right now, he feels his life is not in order yet. We bore lots of testimony to him, about how it is the right thing to do, and we will always be making steps of faith throughout our life. And this is one of them, a big one at that! He WILL be baptized soon, we are suuuper determined about it!

Thursday- miracles- We went finding as a distrikt- found one new investigator!! Background here- I have not always been the best finder, and that has bugged me. I spent a lot of time getting frustrated that we weren't finding anyone new. And then that turned into determination, that I will become an amazing finder, no matter what! And the Lord blessed me for making that goal- for working harder than ever! We found 3 new investigators total that day- what? Unheard of for sisters in Spandau before. But it was possible because the Lord gave me and my comp the courage to talk to literally EVERYONE. It is so possible to find the prepared people, they are out there!! Just keep working hard, the Lord does see our efforts. He knows your dreams and desires. He WILL help you!
Later, we got some ice cream to celebrate. :)

Friday- planning, got a lot of things organized, and had an awesome lesson with Birgit, a less active. Saturday- shoveled a hole for seriously 2 hours, haha, at Dienst. And found another new investigator!! This story is sweet- so we were going by less actives, talking to everyone along the way- and I had this thought to talk to this man that was coming up the sidewalk. I was like, alrighty, I have no clue what I will say to him, but lets stop him! And then we introduced ourselves, and the thought came to my mind to ask him what brings him joy in life- asked him, and he says "nothing, actually." "what, there has got to be something, family, good music-" "my family has all passed away." "oh..." At this point I'm thinking, why did I ask that question, this poor guy!! Then I just told him, "Well, I don't know your situation, or what it must be like for you, I just don't. But I know someone who does. God knows you, and there is a way that we can always find joy." And he got some tears in his eyes, smiled at us, and we set up another time that we could meet with him. I love this gospel!!!
Sunday- awesome. Our new Distrikt Leader Elder Morton took my Sunday talk for me then, so I was super grateful!

Thanks for all you do family!! I love you so much! Could you pray for Wichian Thangmook, that his interview/ taufe- everything will go through? Thanks so much! The Lord is aware of us!!

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

Pic: We visited the Berliner Dome again! Beautiful Berlin in the background!
p.s. The whole time I've been writing you, I've been enjoying the melodies of a humming stranger next to me in this sketchy internet laden. I love Germany!
Funny: I complimented this lady on how pretty her dog was the other day, and she turned and said, "Well, aren't you a pretty person yourself." Ah, I love Germans!

-Elder Morton is our cheerleader in everything- nightly phone calls are our favorite. When we found 3 investigators, he literally screamed soooo loud over the phone, we were dying laughing. Ha, our new weekly comp goal: Make Elder Morton scream every night, by finding new investigators, daily if possible. Haha

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