Monday, January 4, 2016

December 7th

Hallo Family and Friends!!

We received transfer calls this week, and as Sister Flake boards a plane to America I will receive a brand new trainee! I'm training again! Ha, oh it will be such a party to train for my last 2 transfers on the mission, I'm so stoked.

Because it was the last week of the transfer, every thing seemed to pile on and we never had enough time or energy it felt like, haha. But it all worked out, as it always does and I have learned a lot this week!

Monday we checked out the Christmas Markets with a recently return missionary from our ward, who paid for our lunch! Which is not cheap by the markets, my friends. Then we had FHE at our Ward Mission Leaders house from Dresden 2. He is from England, but his wife is German, and it is the best combination ever.

We had a really great lesson with an investigator named David, he is good friends though Sandra who was just baptized a month ago. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and it seems to have clicked for him now!

Friday was just..well... A day to learn from. Ha, one of those. I have learned how much love my Father in Heaven has for me, and how dear each of us is to Him, despite our actions or what happens in our lives. He will always forgive us and rebuild us. That evening, we were able to visit less actives with the YW and it was such a success! I felt ....erneuert... I can't think of the English word for the life of me. .. But I came away uplifted that evening.

Saturday we went to Freiberg with Iris and it was awesome! The sisters gave us a "tour", as we looked through pictures of temples and explained why they are so necessary. Iris loved the temple, and feels so uplifted since she has begun coming to church. I can tell she is ready to accept a baptismal date soon! That evening, we went to Sandra's Mom's house, and her mom totally wants in! We will start teaching her next week! Yesssss.

Sunday evening we went to our bishops house and had such a relaxed appointment with them. They are the CUTEST little family, I'll attach a picture. He's like, 30, and bishop of the Ward already!

Thanks for all you do for me family! You are amazing! I hope Christmas is beginning to look as amazing in America as it already does in Germany! If you could pray for my trainee this week, that she will have a good adjustment to the mission, and begin to feel at home, that would be great!

In Liebe,

Sister Titensor

-temple with Iris!

-Bishop Schulze and his family!

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