Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sister Titensor in Germany!

November 10, 2014

Hallo Liebe Familie!!

It's been so good to hear from you, thanks for all the pics and letters. I saw the halloween pics of the 4 adorable nieces- oh my GOODNESS!!! Don't we just have the most adorable family or what?

Well, this week went by crazy fast, mostly due to the fact that I don't know what's happening most of the time! Ha, but that's pretty normal.
Cool thing of the week- I went to the famous Brandenburg Gate last Monday!! After writing, we hopped on the U-Bahn and saw that, and the big radio needle tower they have. ( I should know the name of it). Then we had the glorious opportunity to get flu shots as a whole zone. Not my favorite, but we quickly found out it was not Sister Stacey's favorite either! Then we checked out the huge malls and different areas around us.

Dienstag, we went out and visited a lot of members. We had kind of a white-out day, so we decided to make it a "strengthening the members" day. We talked with one sister named Gladys from Ghana. Oh I love her, she has the biggest personality! And her kids are adorable. So that was a fun visit to make.
Mittwoch, we had a lot of fallen out termins, which is normal, but we make the best of it!

Donnerstag, we made a baptismal date with another investigator, hopefully it stays there! It's hard sometimes to help people realize the needs in their lives, especially in Germany. Everyone is very satisfied with their lives where it is, and the smaller lifestyle they have. often our job as missionaries here is like trying to pull their glasses down from on top of their heads, to in front of their eyes. To help them realize that life can be so much better!!

Frietag we had service! We're currently helping a member restore this tower used to watch over Zeplins, (have I already told you about it?) And we got to put some gear on, and use those mechanical lifters to grind rust off some beams along the top of the building. I was a little terrified at first, to be trusted with those tools... but i felt pretty hard core. Haha.

Then Sonntag!! One of the best days of this week. We tried to pick up some investigators at the bus stop that morning to take them to church, but alas it fell out. But on our way back to the church, we met one of our other investigators taking the bus too! What a deal- so we invited him to church and he made it to sacrament!  Church was the best, great members.

Then we went to the lights!!! Which was this huge celebration in the heart of Berlin for the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down! They had lights lining exactly where the wall was, and let them go, one after the other. It was crazy cool. They had estimated that there were about 2 million more people in the city, just for this weekend. We walked around all the embassy’s, the Brandenburg gate, and found a spot to hang out and watch it. After, we ran to the U-Bahn station in hopes of getting there before everyone else. Ha, but no luck! It was the most packed U-bahn ride I've ever been on. And probably ever will be. But it was way cool, to take part in something like that!
Then we came home and totally crashed.

This week I've been trying to write down little wonders, miracles, or blessings i see each day. And that has been really helpful as I don't understand a lot of the German, or where we are. But looking for the little things is amazing. It has helped me see just how much our Father in Heaven is involved in our lives. And being a missionary has helped me appreciate the little things in life. Like one day this last week, we went to the church for a termin, and mysteriously someone had left a bag of chocolate hanging in the entry...blessings from above, yeah? :) The Lord is really involved in the details of our lives.

I've also realized more and more just what it means to have this authority as a missionary. There truly is a difference, and I can feel that added power and authority as being a servant of the Lord. Not that it's me by myself, either. But things have added meaning and purpose. I don't know how to exactly describe it, but I'm trying to see and realize that authority every day. Just like you said to me Andrew, realizing that authority as a missionary is huge.

Funnies from this week:
- We seem to be magnets for drunk dudes, and older men... Ha, we had at least one encounter every day. From being sung to, offered money, Sis. Stacey got her face stroked... yeah. It keeps us on our toes. Haha
-At the 25th anniversary celebration, we're standing there in a circle, as all of Berlin smokes around us. Ha, and then the smell of yeast wafts over us, and Sister Stacey yells out, "OOHH, bread!!!" HAHA, and we all laugh and tell her, Sis. Stacey, that's... not bread...
-In efforts to get to the U-Bahn before everyone else on Sunday night, we ran through everyone, and in the process, kept tripping over beer bottles. Sister Stacey found at least 5 of them.
-Our new investigator this week, given to us by a referral from the Tiegarten sisters, was an older German man, who loves to sing, was a little different than expected. Ha, and as we're trying to explain that our only purpose to meet with him is to preach the gospel- he sings "Die Mormonen, Ich weiss wo sie Wohnin!" In a little jingle, type stye. Ha, which translates to "The mormons, I know where you live!" What a charmer.

I love you all so much!!!! Germany is great! It's starting to get a bit colder now! Except you wouldn't really know that, as Germans wear their boots and scarfs year round. They're keeping their style up.

Liebe Immer,

Sister Titensor

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