Friday, March 13, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!!
Shout out to Britt Pasquale, Happy Birthday on the 3rd!!!
This last week was one of re-evaluating and trying lots of new things to help our area grow. I keep learning over and over how numbers aren't important, but the efforts are! And how well we focus on the one.
Monday, we went to the Aquarium!! Woo hoo! We loved it, until we got to the top floor which included insects and found out how much Sister Montierth dislikes them... Haha, but we had a good time despite that! Then we had a little FHE with a less active family from Ghana, I love their family!
Tuesday we had a lesson with a new convert about "Der Plan der Erlösung" or the plan of salvation! Used my handy-dandy hand made puzzle, and it was a hit.
Then we went to a primary activity that night, and met our new district leader!! His name is Elder Morton, and he's from Sandy, Ut! He's been out for one transfer longer than me. We immediately started talking about all the people we know that went to Orem High, and ran on x-country. I think we'll be good buds!
Wednesday was our less active visit day- had lots of great lessons, and tried to get into contact with all the people that have randomly dropped off the earth. BUT- we did start running that morning!! Go us! Man... it was rough though, haha. I have a long ways to get back into shape!! Ha
Thurdsay we had our district meeting, and did lots of finding! The usual.
Friday. man, the best day. So we were in the middle of our weekly planning when our doorbell rings. We thought it was the mail man, but nope- it was the Jehovah's Witnesses!! We don't know how they figured out where we live... or that we only knew English... but they tried to convert us right at our door. They were so adorable, we just smiled, gave our testimonies about the restored truth that is in the Gospel of Christ, and they eventually went on their way. Haha, what a good memory.
We met with Wichian again, and had a member there- so good! He is still working towards the 14th of March, and we are praying for him so hard!! So are the members! He is so close, we just need his wife to give the official ok, and then we are golden!! Ahh!!
Saturday we shaved more rust off of some old beams at Dienst, haha. We were super dirty after. But we did it in style of course. Lots of finding- found one lady by asking, "What brings you joy in life?" And she answered, "Love! And relationships with others!" And then was offered to bring her the book of mormon by her house, telling her that it is a book that helps us to know how to have more joy. And she said yes! Wrote down her number and address for us! Success! We hope she becomes a new investigator!

Sunday: Three investigators came to church!! What what? That is crazy good. So we loved that. Plus a few less actives came that haven't come in a while! We hung out with our favorite 7th day adventists again, and it was great! They are getting more and more friendly, it is so cool to see the spirit work with them and their hearts!
Thanks for all you do family!! I love you so much!! I am so grateful to be here, learning the things I am! I know that the Lord is proud of His missionaries, and He is pushing the work forward!!
Bis nächste woche!! Tschuss!
Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

Highlights of the week:
-Had the sweetest baby blessing on Sunday, there were two brothers and the bishop blessing this 4 week old baby. The spirit was so strong!!
- Found some amazing ice cream!! The first time I've had some since I was home!

- A random teenage boy told me I have a pretty smile!  #stillgotit

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