Monday, January 4, 2016

December 14th

Hey Fam and Friends!!

All is well in the beautiful city of Dresden! And I'm kicking it with my new compie, Sister Sandstrom! She is adorable folks, she's from Ogden, Utah. She just graduated high school this year, and has rockin' German, and I honestly feel like she's been out on a mission as long as me already. So.... My 15 months of experience, and she's already there in 5 days- the Lord is preparing His servants even more as the time goes on! :) But I feel like we are already such a good team, so it is going to rock in Dresden!

This last week was a bit of a blur, as I only had about 3 real days in my area, the rest was helping sisters get packed and off to Freiberg by the temple for their last days on the mission, and then hosting a few others who are also training, then running to Freiberg myself to pick up my compie who just got to Germany!

Best part of the week was going to Freiberg on Wednesday! We had a meeting with President Fingerle that night, and got to sleep over in the temple workers' rooms too, which are really quaint. That morning we had breakfast with all the trainees, without yet knowing who our companions would be. Then we all went through an underground tunnel into the temple! I feel so lucky, we all sat in the baptismal room and talked about the power the temple has in our mission work. Pretty great! Even when it's under construction, the temple still has such a powerful feeling. I miss being in the temple!

Then we were assigned our new companions, and it was so great. That same day we had ZTM, and interviews with President.

On our first full day together, I totally forgot an umbrella, and we got soaked out of our minds.... Good thing Sister Sandstrom has an und ending good attitude, and we laughed about it as we tried to talk to people, all wet. Thankfully we didn't catch a cold, and we could get on a warm train an hour later. In between, we talked with a really great lady who ran a flower shop, and said she'll try to come to church! 

Another cool part of this week has been seeing so many sisters, in different stages of their missions. Finishers, sisters of my same MTC group, and then brand new sisters from the MTC! It's made me reflect on what I've learned so far, and how much more I want to and still need to learn. I am so grateful that my mission has gone the way it has- the areas, the companions, the people I've met- and I wouldn't have it any other way! And now I just want to continue to love it as much as I can, and help Sister Sandstrom to have the best beginning of her mission possible.

Thanks for all you do family! I've gotten your Christmas packages, and oh, how I love you all. :) You know me so well! And Mom and Dad, got your Christmas card, it is so classy. :)

Love you all!

In Liebe,

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