Monday, January 4, 2016

October 19th

Hallo Meine Lieben,

Our last week was pretty, well, lame... as far as new things
happening. Haha, we got stranded quite a few times, and got soaked in
the rain BUT good thing the Fall is gorgeous here, and this next week
is looking up!

We had Zone Training Meeting and flu shots on Tuesday! President and
the APs came, and we also had interviews with Pres after. Ha, the one
sad thing is that we planned a rockin' theme and weren't able to give
it because there wasn't enough time, haha. But watch out, next Zone
Training Meeting, it will be amazing!

Birgit was doing great, until this weekend. We arrived in Rendsburg at
about 11, and had called her and found out just an hour earlier she
had drunken alcohol. :( She wouldn't let us come, and we were super
bummed! But we know she's doing better now, and will be stronger this
time around.

Sunday was a highlight as we enjoyed our primary program!! I played
the piano for them and it was super fun! Sister Davis was also an
assistant, holding up signs, and we got snacks! What a deal. A big
blessing that day was we had 4 less actives come to church!! They
really enjoyed the primary program. We are being watched over in Kiel!

One funny this week: we began listening to Christmas music, ( we're a
little early, I know) and I sang to Sister Davis, " Do you see what I
seeee" and she replied in her sarcastic voice, "Of course I do, is
that a blind joke?" Hahaha

Thanks for your support family and friends! I love you all!!!

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

1-- some of our fav people in the Ward: our assistant Ward Mission
Leader (left), Bast family, Saher, and Manhal (far right, an
2- Us, stranded along with everyone behind us. Haha. Our train kicked
us off a station early, and was shuttling everyone further by one,

standard size van. Yup.

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