Monday, January 4, 2016

Okt. 26th

Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde,

Hey, so we got transfer calls this week- and I'm going to Dresden!!!!
I am soooo excited, yet so sad to leave Kiel! Yesterday was so busy,
saying goodbye to everyone. It's super hard to say bye to Sister
Davis--but good thing we're soul sisters. :) We'll see each other

Dresden is the most gorgeous, historic city! It has the best Christmas
Markets in all of Germany apparently... Can you say blessed?? My new
companion will be Sister Flake, and it will be her last transfer on
the mission! I'll be working in two wards, because we are over two
programs and it sounds like the area is just amazing! I am sooo

This week a lot of, well, everything fell out.. Haha. The Ukaj family
is still fighting for us, against the governments wishes, so we
haven't been able to meet with them. And Birgit has also been
struggling, and we haven't had much contact. But I know the Lord is
very aware of her, she is very special. Things will turn around, but
it'll take some ground to get back to where she was.

Our amazing mission couple, the Cooks left this week, so we had some
good celebrations for them! It's hard to see them go, especially for
Sister Davis as she is still in Kiel, without them! We made a small
slideshow and a cake, and sang to them Wednesday night! It had them in
tears, we counted that as a success. :) Kiel will receive a new couple
next week, so they are counting their blessings.

We also had an awesome time this weekend, we went to Hamburg with our
STLs and had a complete party- missionary style. We are so blessed, it
was the perfect switch up just before transfer calls. And we had
Crêpes for breakfast... Unhealthy.. but crazy delicious. :)

I was able to do a musical number on Sunday with a less active sister
who is coming back, more and more regularly! It was great, and I'm so
grateful to know her. We performed "I believe in Christ" because she
had this song at her baptism, and it has such an impact on her. She
played the flute, and I, the piano.

One cool story of the week: As we were practicing our song one evening
at the institute center, a man walked in just to use the restroom. He
stopped as he saw a sign in the entry way that said, "Wissen Sie
Bescheid?" Or "Do you know?" And he asked, "What am I supposed to know
about?" We told him it was the perfect question, and we ended up
talking for a while about the BOM, and why it's necessary to know
truth. After Sister Davis gave her testimony, I bore mine and I felt
such a power and peace come to me that I know I was being led by the
spirit. The man, awesomely named Olaf, was very impressed by our
testimonies, took a BOM and said he would read it! Sadly he's not from
Kiel, but I feel confident that the spirit made a very strong
impression on him. #seedplanted

Thanks for all your support! I'm so grateful for all that I've learned
in Kiel, the people I've gotten to know, and can't wait to see what
Dresden brings! I know the Lord will build us to accomplish whatever
He asks of us. I am a witness of that, especially as I'm transferred
and things change. It is not me that is able to do all these things,
but it is Him!

In Liebe,
Sister Titensor


---Sista's pic- Me, Sister Davis, Sister Demke, Sister Hahn
----Us, with Gordon, our favorite member! He has helped me better my
German and has been our pal in Kiel.
-- saying good bye to the Gudegasts- Me and Peter, going to miss him!

Not good lighting, sorry

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