Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Free Bootin'

hallo Liebe Familie!!!!

Wow, it was a crazy good week we just had here! Lots of great appointments that needed to happen. I honestly can't remember most of it, haha! But it was a total party!

We made a baptismal date with our beloved Wichian!! It's the 14th of March, and he is so ready. We are just going to help him settle his doubts, keep goals going, and he is golden. My favorite Thai person ever.
And we had lots of great termins, we have so many people that are just on the verge of progressing, and having firm baptim dates!!
We have been so happy because the weather has been amazing, around 40's F. everyday. So we can't complain! And we have both been nervous this whole week for Transfer Calls on Saturday morning, not knowing where either of us would be!
Thursday we had our Mission Tour with a member of the 70, Elder Kapiske (spelling?)  it was an awesome meeting! Talked a lot about having the real desire for this work in our hearts. Sister Kosak's talk was my favorite. She said, "When we are saying our prayers, when we are out going finding, when we are doing our studies- do we really have the desire for the outcome we want, or are we just curious to see if it'll happen?" And that question has been stuck in my head all week. Is what I'm doing for the right reason? Or am I just simply curious?
One funny thing, as I was shaking President's hand before the meeting he looked at me and just said, "You will train." And then contiued to shake other missionaries' hands. Wait...what? Ha, President likes to spill the beans before the official transfer calls. Then got transfer calls on Saturday, and it's true, I'll be taking over the area with a newbie starting this Thursday. Incredible opportunity! And Sister Stacey is being transferred to Bremerhafen, which is clear North West Germany. Her train ride, with the fastest train in Germany, (an ICE train) will take over 3 hours. Ahh! So far away!

Then Sunday was the longest day of the week! It was Sister Stacey's last Sunday, and she gave a talk. So lots to do! Played the piano for the darling Primary again. After church we sat in on the baptism interview with the 8 year old, Othniel that we taught. We're so excited for them, it looks like it'll be on the 25th of this month! Then we met with our lovely Nigerian prince George, who has been in Nigeria for the past month. He is so believing, and really has so much faith. We'll be spending some p-days with him coming up. And hopefully baptism in the future!!
The rest of that day I watched Sister Stacey pack while I organized and made calls upon calls. Ah, I am sooo sad that she is going! We seriously have had the BEST TIME these last 2 transfers, it is a party everyday. But it means it's time to grow more, and have parties with another amazing sister!
We are now in a dritt for the next day or so with a sister who is going home on Tuesday. And she actually served here in Spandau for about 7 months! And we'll be going to "The Story of Berlin" museum today together!
We had a little miracle phone call today, a weniger active, or less active lady called and said, "Hey, I'd like to be more active. And I don't really know how to do that. But the rest of my family is active, so I don't think it'll be too hard. But I'd love to stay in contact. And I have this friend that really wants to change his life. He has a drinking problem, but is really looking for the missionaries and to be a better person. Here's his info, I have called him, thanks so much!'
.....What?? That never happens!!! So we are meeting him with the elders on Wednesday, and see where it goes from there! So excited!

Oh, I love being on a mission! It just kind of really hit me this last week. Like I've hit one end of the tunnel and have realized how much I've already learned and experienced. And just how much more is to come! But it truly is the coolest experience. I love Germany!

Ich liebe euch so sehr!! Danke für alles sie fur mich tun!! Ich liebe Deutschland und die leute hier, der Herr wirklich wisst die. Ich wunche ihnen eine frohes neue jar und alles gute.

I love you all!
Liebe Immer, Sister Titensor

Picture: Entrance to the Concentration camp last Monday- "Work makes one free".

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