Monday, January 4, 2016

October 12th

Hallo Meine Lieben!! Was Los!!

Well, I had an awesome letter written, and then the computer deleted
it, so.... Here's to round 2. Haha. (It's going to be a longer one,
sorry) This week has been one to remind me of how grateful I am to be
a missionary. To be a part of others' lives and to learn along side
them. This special power in my calling is one that isn't found often
in life and I'm grateful I can see the power that Christ has work
miracles in others.

Recently, I learned of something amazing from Sister Seare, who is now
serving in Spandau. Remember that one time Sister Montierth and I (in
Spandau) went by on a less active woman, (who hadn't been visited in
ages) who upon answering the door, began to softly cry and explain
that her husband had just passed away? She is now completely active,
attending church EVERY Sunday, reading in the BOM and calling the
sisters to report what she's learned. How amazing is that! I am so
grateful I could be a part in helping her come closer to Christ. Ich
war ├╝beraus gl├╝cklich!! Often we don't hear the results of our
efforts, but when we do, it makes it even more worthwhile.

Birgit is doing amazingly this week! She has now gone 3 weeks without
Alcohol! She is a total champion and can do anything she puts her mind
to. We are working on getting Gen. Conf. on a USB so she can enjoy it
and we can incorporate it into the 12 step program. We read in the BOM
with her this week, and laughed in excitement as she expressed her
desire to be a missionary someday too!

We were also able to visit the Ukaj family this week! And since we
haven't been able to see the, for 3 weeks now, it felt like a happy
mini- reunion! Yet as we walked in, we noticed something heavy was
weighing on Alma's shoulders. Come to find out that the government may
send her and her family back to Albania because of the refugee
situation here. Albania had been deemed a "safe" country, and want
more room for those that are coming from "unsafe" countries. She and
her family have no desire to go back, as they've just begun to build a
solid foundation in Germany. Plus her father in law is in desperate
need of a life saving operation, but the money is nonexistent. And as
Alma is explaining all of this to us in her broken German/English, she
is feeding us like Queens. Seriously the most selfless person.  We
shared some comforting scriptures and a general conference talk and
assured her that God is aware of her family. My heart was so heavy.
What a sweet thought it is, two young Americans sitting across from a
tender hearted Albanian woman, facing the possibility of uprooting her
entire family, and we are telling her, 'Just hold on. Believe. God
knows you and your situation. Hold tight.'

When I take a step back, I realize just what a special opportunity it
is to be here. What a glad message we have to share, and special
opportunity to impact others' lives in ways that matter more than
anything this world can offer.

My heart has never felt so heavy and yet so light at the same time.
Heavy with concern for those we teach, yet so light with the knowledge
that He is there. That God has indeed shown His hand in this work, and
He is very aware.

"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before
your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my
Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to
bear you up."
D&C 84:88

Love you all! Thanks for being amazing, and always supporting me!

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