Monday, December 29, 2014

A Week Of Miracles

Well after a hard week, we finally saw some reprieve. It was truly a week of little miracles in our beautiful area of Spandau!

I don't remember all that happened, but I'll go over the main gems we were given each day:
Monday: We went to the Spandau WeihnachtMarkt here, it is supposedly the best one! Got some good food, and hung out with an amazing member, Marina!
Tuesday: Awesome lesson with a less active, Milena, she was soooo happy about meeting with us, and had so many good comments about the BOM. I love her faith about the comfort the BOM gives us. She is adorable.

Wednesday: Shout out to Katie Rowe!!! My home girl!! Went into the MTC that day! We had so many unexpected miracles- went finding and visiting and got into contact with lots of people that had fallen off the face of the earth!! It was sooo good! What a blessing. And we got french fries to celebrate my 3 month mark! Woo hoo!

Thursday: We went to Institute with Wichian, my favorite investigator of ours, even though we aren't supposed to have favorites... he's mine. He is this cool 38 yr. old Thai man with long hair, and the strongest faith and desire I've ever seen. He's adorable! Institute was great for him. And we went finding, and a lady said to us, " I am so impressed with such young girls that are so believing- you hold onto that! You teach your children that, and keep it going forever!" Ahh, best moment finding!

Friday: Zone Conference!! It was an uplifting meeting! The AP's talked, then Sister Kosak, then President. All the themes were inspired, and focused on Christ. Sister Kosak committed us to think about what we are giving everyday- that it is truly better to give than receive. And President talked to us about DISCOVERING- EMBRACING- and SHARING the gift. Including all things that we are to learn and do on our missions. To really follow that pattern and make sure others do the same! We watched some good Mo-Tab Christmas songs, and Piano Guys. Then we got our Christmas packages!!! Ahh, the best moment ever!
Then we went on Tausch, or exchanges right after the conference. I stayed in Spandau with a sister training leader while Sister Stacey went to Marzahn. It was an awesome time!

Saturday: Had our ward Christmas activity- 5 investigators/ less actives showed up. This is huge, people! Wowee, to have that many, come at one time! That was a blessing! Our ward acted out "Snow White" too, to begin the program- oh, I had tears coming from my eyes because it was so hilarious!

Sunday: I got to play the piano for the little primary of 6 kids! It was the best. The ward just found out I can play the piano, and to my surprise, need me now at like every meeting! Ha, I guess only 2 of their members can really play. So I'm glad I can help them out!!
And best of all: our new member Fred came to church- ( he normally doesn't, because work is so busy for him, and he lets his tiredness take control) And he came to sacrament meeting!!!!! And- quit his bad second job!!!! We have been giving him lessons, and fasting with him to help him decide to drop the job- and he took the leap of faith and did it!!!! Ah, now he has time to come to church, and meet with us more often. Wow, he is such an example of faith to me!!
his week I really learned that truly we are given beautiful things every day. We just need to have our hearts, mind, and eyes tuned to recognize it!!
Well, sorry that my letters are ridiculously long- I don't blame you if you don't have the patience to read it- hahaha
I love you all so much, this work is real, and being a missionary is such a blessing! I am given strength every day!!

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

- one of our investigators was laughing with us the other day about the funny word plays with German words. He said, " You know Morgan Freeman? I bet that's got to be confusing. Guten Morgen Morgan, Morgen, Morgan- how would you know?" hahaha, so great.

-The elders have a new investigator named Robert, who speaks english and is originally from South Dakota- he's a real live native indian, no joke! The long hair, peaked nose, and he's hilarious. He has basically made his living off of being himself- selling his sculptures around Paris, Ireland, and wearing Native Indian clothing ( I don't know how) and he says to us: " Yeah man, I just do my thing, and the Germans here, they just eat it up man! They love this kind of stuff! I have no clue why, but it works!" Ha, he's great

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