Monday, December 29, 2014

It's Been a Cheesy Week

December 22, 2014

Hallo Familie!!!
How is the season treating you all?

Highlights: I tried spaghetti the other day with tuna! And lots of Thai food, some fried.. thing. And lots of spicy noodles. You would be so proud!!
Thanks so much for the 12 days of Christmas, again! The other night I came home, feeling deflated and bummed about appointments we had, and I opened number 6- surprise- LOVE NOTES! Those seriously flipped my attitude around, thank you so much for writing those! Wow. Inspired. Seriously. Ooh- and the ziploc bags! So helpful, they don't exist here at all! I will treasure each one.
We had many miracles with our investigators! One, Wichian- love him to death- is making progress towards baptism! At the end of the lesson, he gave the prayer as always, but mentioned each of us sisters by name and gave thanks for us! That has never happened before!!
And miracle! Sunday, two adorable Africans we've been teaching for over 2 months now finally came to church! They loved it, as it was the 1st presidency broadcast. Akua and Grace both noted they felt peaceful and loved how quiet it was. Success!! In addition we had 2 other investigators to church too!
We celebrated Sis. Stacey's 6 month mark! I made a sign in like 2 seconds for her, because she never wants to leave me alone, so it was hard to make something really cool. :) Haha, then I stacked 6 cookies on a plate, put a candle on top, and sang "Happy 6 month mark!" in the tune of Happy Birthday. I think she loved it.
We attended a baptism in East Berlin on Saturday, and it was all in Spanish! We had brought an investigator along who only knows German. But we knew that spirit could speak to spirit, so it was no worries there. It was a really beautiful meeting!
Thanks for everything you do for me! I am loving it here in Germany. There are hard days, and it seems like Satan is always trying new tactics. But that can't even compare to the joy I'm having, and how much of a privilege it is to be a missionary here and see all of the miracles. Remember: "The task in front of you never bigger than the power behind you!" Brad Wilcox
-At district meeting this week, our Zone Leaders came, and one is a native German; his English is pretty good, and mostly he acts like a 12 year old. It's fine. Haha, and he said to me, "Wow, your eyes are so sparkly. Like, so light! How do you do that? Do you take drugs?"
- We have a phrase, "Komm gut nach hause!" Which is basically like, make it home safely!! And at a Relief Society activity, one sister said that to another, and the other replied, "Well, tell that to my bus driver, won't ya!" Ha, the timing and it being in German somehow made it hilarious.
-Riding the U-bahn back from the taufe- an entire band got on and started performing for us! A bass player, banjo, shaker, and drum, and sang for us "You Are My Sunshine"!! FREE ENTERTAINMENT! It was seriously so well done. Their harmonies and matching dredlocks made it complete.
-Another quote from Elder Sagmeister, the native German ZL- he found out I mostly like breads and cheeses, and has been relentless ever since: (on the phone the other night) "ok, so you sisters have a great week, I'm going to have an especially great week, I think I'm going to make it a cheesy week. Very very cheesy. Maybe some cheeze-its in there too." Hahahaha, I was in tears.

I'm so excited to skype this Thursday!!!
I love you all! Thanks for all the support and prayers, I can feel the support!!

Liebe Immer, Sister Titensor

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