Monday, December 29, 2014

Sister T's Christmas in Germany Week!

Hallo Liebe Familie!!!

Ah, it was so good to skype with you all! Thanks for your patience with the little smartphone we had, haha. It's sooo good to see everyone, I'm so blessed to have the coolest family!
And how are the sweaters treating you this year?

WOWZA, this past week of Christmas in Germany has been amazing, and in ways that I didn't expect! I honestly was thinking, there's no way that this Christmas is going to be like the ones at home. It just won't be the same. And it wasn't, but it was so cool to have the different perspective with it than I've had before.
Tuesday could be named the day of gifts- We had an less active call us the night before and wanted us to have a whole lunch meal with her. We told her we didn't have the time, but that we could stop by for 15 minutes. We show up and she had food already packed into containers, ready for us to take. She is so sweet! Then we had a member call us that morning that she wanted to give us gifts, but it was too heavy for her to carry to us. What?? So we come, and she has two huge bags FULL of chocolate goodies, and had baked a turkey, potatoes, the whole 9 yards. Wow. Then I taught our english class to an investigaor that night, as everyone else was in a chocolate coma. Haha

The 24th and 25th were sooo cool- We spent Christmas Eve with our district in the morning, talked with Birgül, our investigator about Christ, and how she wants to be baptized after she gets back from Christmas vacation- um, ok!!
Then had our Ward "Heilige Abend" where we sang songs, and listened to amazing musical numbers. As I was sitting there, next to a sweet heart less active member, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I looked around at all of the people in the ward, some of our investigators, and felt so happy that I could be spending this time here in Germany with them. There would be no other way that I would have gotten to know all of them or learned the things I already have without this time. I was reminded of what a blessing it is to be a missionary in such a wonderful place. ;)
After, a member family let us join in on their Christmas celebrations, because here they open presents and everything on the 24th. We ate, watched them open gifts, and got to be a part of their family for a night. Then Christmas we made cookies in the morning, and headed to a members house for the afternoon. They made an amazing lunch, and then we got to SKYPE with the fam!!! That was the highlight of the week, for sure. ;)

The 26th another member invited us over for a lunch, and we played Germany's version of the card game, "Perpetual Commotion"! I felt sooo at home. Haha.
We were still able to meet with lots of people this week as everyone just stays home during the holiday so it was actually a perfect week for lessons!

It was an amazing week that taught me once again the power of Christmas and of being a missionary. My mind has been reflecting on the shephards in Luke 2, and how as a missionary I am called to look over this little flock here. What a blessing it is to be a shephard, in a way, looking over His sheep. Don't forget the amazing blessings we have around us, each and every day. There is a miracle given to us daily!

-In one of our companionship prayers at the end of the day: Sister Stacey, " And thank you that we could have contact with... Milena's mailbox today..."ha, it was a long day.
-We played that card game with the member family, and had first cleared off the table by putting our silverware on the ground behind us, out of the way. As we finished the games, there was a pause, and I turned and grabbed the silverware, put it back up on the table, and said, "Taaa daaa!" And they somehow thought it was HILARIOUS. Haha, Germans love very simple humor.

I hope Christmas was amazing for you all!! Don't forget to set some good goals for this coming year!! I'll be doing the same!! I love you so much! Thanks for all of the support, it really makes a difference!

Liebe Immer,

Sister Titensor

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