Wednesday, January 28, 2015

sista' T. Germany's Hottest Club- spndau!

Halla' Liebe Familie!!!
This last week was a total blur, wow. Days have been packed and going going going!!! But I have felt like I've grown a lot just in this last week! At least I'd like to think. :)
So on Monday we went to a musuem "The Story of Berlin"! It is really well displayed and was fun to go through. After we had a tour in an underground bunker that was built before WW2 to protect from Radioactivity. It was right underneath the museum- and it was super creeps. Haha, I would personally choose to slowly go from radioactivity than stay there! They said that those staying there would be able to survive for about 2 weeks before disease breaks out. Yikes!

Tuesday- bahnhof day! Said goodbye to Sister Stacey, ahhhhhhhh!!! So sad, but change is good! And also took a sister finisher to the office! Then picked up my temporary companion, Sister Hill, who is also training. We came back to Spandau and had some good heart to heart about training and what goals we want to set and who we want to be as trainers. It was what we both needed. She came in with me from the MTC, and was such a good pump up for me!

Wednesday we spent all day at the mission office with President and the AP's, getting trained on how to train, and getting prepped. It was honestly a bit overwhelming because I feel like I just got here in the field yesterday!!! But I also know how inspired this calling is, and I have already seen so many miracles because of it. Then the 5 new missionaries came in, and we sat with them, and had some good tips from the President. Then we got assigned to who we're training, and got to do about 30 minutes of finding with them! After, the office couples, the APs and President took us to dinner by the hotel all the newbies stay in. Then me and Sister Hill, who is training, headed back to Spandau for the night. Long day!

Thursday we went back to the office and picked up our trainees!! Sister Montierth is adorable, she is from Tennessee and is very patient with me and my sense of humor... haha. She already took 2 years of German in high school, so she's killin' it here in Spandau. She also went to BYU-I before the mish. It really is cool to become a trainer right after being a trainee because I was just in her shoes, and I know exactly what she's going through. So I'm really humbled to be in this position, and learn together.

Friday- package day!!!! Ah, just like Christmas all over again! I got my boots from the family, thanks again!! We then had the time to get to appointments and taught a cute less active named Birgit. She loves when we read stories from the BOM.

Saturday we had a bomb lesson with Wichian again! He wrote out his top 4 concerns for us, and told us specific things we can do for him, and things he has to do on his own. And to help him towards this 14th of March, we set a date that he would talk to his wife about his baptism. Feb 9th people!!! It's going to happen!! I am so excited for him, he is getting there!!

Sunday- awesome lesson with our favorite 7th day adventists. I re-established our purpose with them, and that at the end, we see them accepting our message. And we were really blunt, but it worked well with them!
As far as other people, we have had a lot drop us, and some that want to be in a stand-still. But we will find lots of new people this transfer, that is our goal! Spice up the teaching pool here. Spandau needs it! It is really growing here, little by little. We just have to keep it up! That's truly why Germany's best club is here in Spandau!

Thanks for all you do! I love all of your support and letters, and fudge. ;) This work is so real and the Lord is really aware of his missionaries here. I am so blessed to be here, and even though I know I make lots of mistakes and am always striving to be a better missionary, that we are still blessed for our efforts. It all counts on our hearts and where they lie. Truly truly. Ah, I love Germany. I don't think I'll be coming home for a couple more years, sorry fam. :)

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

Fun things of the week:
-one older man got caught in the bus doors the other day because he was too slow getting out... haha, I know I sound heartless, but he was just fine.
-Apparently my German is getting better- talking to a man near a flea market here, and he asked, so which university are you studying at? "none..." "oh, really? I was sure you were a student here, like a native." Wooo hoo!

-Our Zone leader was telling me about my trainee before she got here- " I know that she's from the U.S. and that....she really likes cheese. Like lots of cheese." OH MY. Haha. They'll never let it go.

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