Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!
Glad that the fam got the package!!! Tell me how everything worked out!

This last week was a hard one, but not without it's miracles!!! Where to begin!

On our p-day we went to the Brandenburger Tor, for Sister Montierth's first time! And went shopping and successfully found the Frozen CD in German! Frozen for days now...
On Tuesday we were invited to Ward Council, which we aren't normally at, and were able to express concerns to the ward and what would help our investigators best! It was super helpful.

Wednesdayall of our appointments fell out... so once we came home for the night, and all the work was done- we decided to have a girls night!! We pulled out our nail polish and watched The Testaments- the most cutesy film we have... haha. It was a needed break.
We had an awesome lesson with our progressing investigator Wichian- still working on the date- we don't want him to back out, or get complacent about his baptism so we are always setting goals with him and reassuring his questions.

Best thing of the week: We have a new investigator!!!! Say what?? We got a call on Thursday and she introduced herself as Tülay and she had gotten our card from sisters before us last year some time. She felt that she needed to call us! What??? We met her on Saturday and she is golden!! She's 38, from Austria and has 3 adorable children. She wants us to teach her children English as well as she wants to hear our message! We've taught her the whole 1st lesson now and she has soaked everything up! She believes in the Holy Ghost, that it only makes sense to have the same religion through all time from Christ, and that families are number 1! It has been a huge blessing, and love working with her. She told us, "make yourselves at home when you're here! Want anything from the kitchen? You are welcome to anything!" She is awesome!!

Then awesome thing number two: We had Othniel's baptism!!! Sunday was beautiful, we had to scramble around to get some things organized, haha, including some baptismal clothing that was forgotten... but it all worked out beautifully! Gladys, Othniel's mother made some African dish and the ward loved it. It was so satisfying to see that because we could be here as missionaries, we could help this little 8 year old get baptized! So fulfilling! Nothing better.

Overall, the work is continuing to work forward here! Something I'm trying to work on is having more fun in all of the moments of being a missionary! Finding the times to take fun pictures, or laugh about a rough encounter- ha, because this time is flying by, and I want to make every moment count!!
Thanks for all of the support, all of your letters and encouraging words are like gold to me!
Danke fur alles! Ich weiss dass unsere Vater im Himmel weisst uns personlich und volkommen. Er hat ein teil von jeder leben- wir mussen seine hand erkennen, weil ist wirklich da ist. Suchen sie für Ihm, jeden Tag. Er is da. :)

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor, your sister in Berlin :)

PIC: Othniel's taufe!- sorry, didn't get any with us in them!

Fun things of the week:
-No one got caught in the bus doors this week, but I have managed to trip over my own feet about 20.4 times this week- haha, my awkward life. Haha
-I made concrete on Saturday!! I got really messy afterwords, but it was worth it!

-We show up to English class and the elders were wearing matching furry animal hats- where in the world did you get those? "At that second hand store, they were closing down, we had to get them!" oh boy... haha

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