Friday, March 13, 2015

Feb. 16, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!!

The sun has been shining non-stop this last week, and I feel like my attitude and everything has been lifted along with it!!
Man, so many good things. Where to start...
Monday we went to the Museum Isle, which has like 8 big Berlin museums all put together near the Berliner Dome! They were awesome, one had a huge parthenon building inside of it- keine annung how they got that inside... haha

Tuesday we had a second lesson with our favorite investigator Wichian!! He has been terribly sick but he still met with us. It was a hard lesson because he feels that he is no longer ready for the 14th of March. But we testified and repeated over and over about how this is right for him and how he needs to trust that things will work out. To say the least it broke my heart when he said that, but I know that the Lord will let us and him know when the timing is right. For now, we are continuing to build him up!! And that night we had English Class with our favorite Achim. He is our friendly older man, and he had read in the BOM! He said, ok, we can learn some English tonight, but I have some questions about this Joseph Smith I'd like to talk about. ... OK!!! He is doing awesome.

Wednesday we went on another tausch with our Sister Training Leaders. I went to Marzahn and Sister Montierth stayed in Spandau! It was really good to go see another area and have a little bit of a mental break from our schedule in Spandau.
Then Thursday Sister Montierth came down with a head cold, and have been taking it easy since. :(
Friday- normal. Ha
Saturday- Zone Training Meeting!!! Woo hoo! It went great with President giving us a little theme at the end. Ha, I love President. He talked about focusing on the one, and how important it is to give it our all. As part of that he committed some elders to run a 5k every other day! Ha, he told our Elder Spangenberg- "You look like PUDDING! You and Elder Fowler- run a 5k every other day. I will check up on you." Hahaha. It was a good reminder to me to keep up my workouts in the morning! Then I had my interview after- it went great. We were all to teach him one of the 5 lessons, and I taught him lesson 3. He was really nice with me and said, " I am impressed with your German!" haha. After our meeting we got cookies from a nice office couple!! I love office couples!
Then Sunday was really relaxing until about 6 pm when we had our termin with our favorite 7th day Adventists. We have been trying to really establish our purpose every meeting, but it doesn't seem to phase them. We brought a joint teach, our Mission Leader, and wow- guns were going off in there- and not in a positive way. If there is one... Just lots of bashing and that spirit was not there at all. So we will really determine their expectations next Sunday. I hope we can actually teach them at some point!!

All other things are going great here in Spandau, it's looking that we can have lots of new investigators this coming week! I am so grateful for all of the little miracles that i see everyday here! Just the other day we were waiting for a bus and had an extra 15 minutes. So we decided to go klinge, or ring on some apartments. The second family opened the door, and once she looked at our card, said, " Yeah, actually, we've been looking into this religion. We're catholic, but would love to meet with you." WHAT??? Gave our number and set up a time to meet later in the week! I love miracles!!

I love you all, and thanks for your support!!
Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor
PIC: Breakdancing Mozart Poster- coolest idea, ya?

-While we were waiting for an investigator to come to the church, me and sister montierth had a discussion about what Dutch people are called. Like Germans are called Deutchers, and in my moment of genius I said, " oh, so the Dutch are called Dutchers, right?" We laughed for a good while about that.

-Tuesday was our crazy day- Our tights were all over the place, I accidentally did some parkour when I slipped on some moss... old man with white hotel slippers got us laughing pretty good... and visited a less active that lives in a campfire-smelling apartment with her Costco size packs. Haha, was an adventure airing out our clothes after.

-A skateboarding dog almost ran into me the other day.....haha, his owner was looking for some extra change.

-English Class: Achim comes in and takes off his jacket- looks at Sister Montierth and says in his broken English; " Do I blush you when I show you my body?" HAHA dying.

-Sunday- Achim to church!!! It was such a surprise for us!! Haha we come out of Primary and the elders say, "Oh, by the way, Achim is here. And he's talking to the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency." What?? We love him. He even gave us valentine choclates after, which were all filled with alchohol. Haha.

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