Monday, March 23, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!

Happy Happy Birthday to MATT this week!!!! I wish you the most amazing birthday wishes for this coming Tuesday!!! You are the best, thanks for your example to me!!!

This line in the subject is one from a hymn that has been in my head all week long, it is so good!! Don't know the name in Englisch, but it's great. This last week was great, we are continuing to see miracles here and enjoying the crazy moments inbetween. Hmm, to summarize:

We had a conference call with just the trainers and trainees, President gave us good advice on how to keep our focus, to work in unity, and to continue to work on the language!
We had a sisters conference on Wednesday, it was basically specialzed training. We went over more of the expectations, and what we sisters can do to strengthen our image in the wards and stakes. Sister Kosak gave an awesome theme about stress, and how we need all of these refining processes to become what our Father in Heaven sees in us. President gave lots of good advice too, and made sure that our wards are working well with the sisters. I came away feeling that my Father in Heaven is proud of me for what I am doing, and knowing that He is there for me. It was a needed boost for the week! We got to play soccer with the president too! Ha, it was him and the AP's against all of us.
We had an awesome lesson with Virginia and Vanessa this week- Tauf Datum!!! We were talking about the temple with them, and Vanessa, who is a member, was giving her testimony about the power of the spirit. Her younger sister, Virginia who is 13 started to bear her testimony of her experience on the temple grounds. And I had this wave of the spirit hit me, and I knew it was the time to invite her to be baptized! We have a baptismal date set for her on May 16th. It was the most spiritual experience, so amazing! After, both me and sister Montierth were astounded at that lesson. Woo hoo!!
Another highlight: We stopped this lady on the street, and she proceeded to tell us her all about her faith, belief on God, and with tears running down her cheeks, told us the difficulties she has experienced as of late. She was so amazing, and it was such a cool opportunity to bear our testimonies to her that God knows her, her situation, and everything she is going through. She told us that she was not interested in changing religions so we gave her our number, and she thanked us for stopping her.  Even if she didn't count as a "number" for the day, that conversation totally counted to me! That is what it is all about.
Sunday- Stake Conference- Wichian, Achim, and Fred came!! Yahoo!!! It was amazing, we heard from our Mission Präsident and his wife, and from a member of the 70. It was in this super fancy hotel because our stake building isn't large enough.
It rained tons this week, so we had fun jumping in puddles and looking like drowned puppies. #keepinitclassy
Thanks for all of the support fam and friends! I know that the Lord is aware of us, and is very much involved in this work!! Keep praying, keep going to church, keep your faith, doubt your doubts, and I promise that it'll all come together!! I have seen that over and over here!

Also random- happy birthday Jack Robison- the 26th of March!! Ha, hope word gets to him that sista' t. says sup!

- We had a random lady tell us our fortunes on the street. "I have seen something about you two, you, you will have a hard time this year, God is going to SHAKE you!! And you, you will be asleep and then you will wake up, having made a 180 degree turn in your life." What? Ok, thanks! Haha, it made no sense.
-Achim on the phone: When ever I see the sun, I think of you. hahaha

Liebe Immer,
your sista' in Berlin,
Sister Titensor

PIC: Happy Birthday Matt! Inside our cute little apartment.

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