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March 30, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!!
So this week has been seriously amazing- I know I say there are miracles like every other week, but this has been one of the most hilarious and miraculous weeks!! We are so blessed here, it's amazing!
And Matt- hope your B-day was amazing!!!

Montag-We checked out some of the big shops in Berlin! I think it's impossible to reach every store that is here, but we tried our best!
Dienstag- We found 3 new investigators!! And chilled with our favorite Achim in english class. He brought pictures of his time in Chicago, and was sooo excited that he could share them with us. Haha, he is the best.
Wednesday- Found lots of less actives home, and had awesome talks with people on the street- I can't remember all of the them, but it was the BEST! Had a lesson with a less active named Happiness, she is from Ghana. Talking about the temple, and she says, "You know the cows in the temple? The cows? Those poor animals, they are just standing there, and they have no milk to drink!!!" And she died laughing, while we sat there, not knowing how to react. Haha. She has the most creative imagination out of anyone I have met. Haha
Donnerstag- Had a telephone conference with the whole mission about the new, "BecauseHeLives" initiative! President really encourages us personally to sing Easter hymns, read about Christ in the bible especially this week and next and really dedicate ourselves to making this the biggest ever. And we are so excited! We got the pass-along cards in German this week, and we are stoked!

Friday was amazing! Met with Achim again, had a lesson about the BOM. For him it is really hard to accept that there is a god when there are so many bad things. Especially because of the airplane that crashed this last week, (the flight from Spain to Germany, is that right?) it seems that everyone has been denying the goodness that still exists.We tried to help him see the goodness that he has experienced, and testified of the goodness of God.
Then we went on Tausch!! or exchange- I went to Marzahn with our new STL, and Sister Montierth stayed here in Spandau! It was seriously just what I needed. It was so chill, and I learned a lot about example, and continuing in doing good.

Later that night, I had the feelings of peace and fulfillment for being here. And that the Lord is proud of what I have done here, and that it is my time to leave Spandau. It is the craziest, but most reassuring feeling. So me and Sister Montierth will make this last week one of the best!!
Samstag- We met with a new investigator named Andre who is from North Africa but speaks French and German! Coolest story- get this- we found him because we were walking down a street, and we had said hello to him, and in his words, " You walked past me, and when you said hello, I felt that your eyes and your smile were the most sincere out of anyone I have met. I felt, hey, there is something different about them! And so I had to come back!" And he really is the one who came back to us down the sidewalk!!! So cool, ya? Miracles! He is great, and there is some real potential.
Sonntag- miracle day!!! Had the most investigators, Elders and us combined, than we have ever had, in the history of Spandau!! It was insane!! We are so blessed, and our ward is getting even more involved in the work, and seeming to get more excited!

In my studies, I have been reflecting a lot about what this time of year really means. And this morning I had an amazing study in the bible about Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.  I was so touched by the account in Luke, when Mary recognizes Christ's voice when He speaks her name. Her reply in humility is, "Master." I felt so humbled this morning as I reflected, would I be quick to recognize the Savior's voice if He were to speak my name? Do I hearken to His counsel without waiting? There is also another verse that touched me in Luke 24:32- that the two men that had walked with Jesus, not recognizing him then said later, "had our hearts not burned within us?" We had felt He was with us all along, but not recognized it. And the spirit spoke to me that Christ is truly with me, and has always been with me, even in the times that I don't recognize Him.

This last week has been incredibly fulfilling as I have seen continuous miracles here in Spandau, and I feel as if I have the privilege to have them happen right before my eyes! I am feeling so grateful for this time of year, and for this time that I have to truly serve Him.
We are so excited for General Conf, we'll be able to see the Women's Conference, and 3 sessions of Conference. Spiritual boost, bring it on!
We have transfer calls this Saturday, and we are both a little anxious as to what will happen! I will be so sad to leave Sister Montierth, and our crazy laughing fits that we have every night. Haha, it is sooo good here.

- After stopping one lady, trying to ask her what Easter meant for her, she replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't speak English." After I had spoken in GERMAN!! Haha dang... Na gut.
-One night the elders, on their phone call, were so frustrated because they had run into every Jehova's Witness in Spandau  (there are lots) and complained about how nice they always are.   " I am SUCH a nice person, and they are just SO mean. Ahg, I just, ah, I am sooo nice!!" Haha
-In our lesson with our favorite 7th day adventists, and Thomas (around 40 years old) says "So there's the pope right now, I don't know where he's from, but the authority of god-" His 90 year old Mom butts in- "I think he's from South American somewhere, isn't he? Brazil?"  Thomas: "Ssshhhh, mama, that's not an important theme right now- so the authority that he has-"  "I think he's from Argentina, yeah, that's right. Argentina!" Thomas: "Shh, mama, can we focus please?"   Haha, it was the cutest exchange. Thomas was trying to be all serious and prove his point, and his mom just kept butting in. My wording probably doesn't do it justice.

I love you all, and thanks so much for your support!! It really means the world!
Love from Berlin, Germany!

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

p.s. sorry, I am a bit lazy and didn't take many pics this week. Next week though!

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