Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hallo Meine Lieben!!!!

This last week completely flew by, and I can't remember the half of
it, haha. The work is still pretty slow, but we aren't letting that
get us down. Me and Sister Davis are having a riot, we are praying for
a 3rd transfer together!! Between wrestling matches, mopping the floor
with Sister Davis' back, and Singing contests, we keep things

Shoutout to my wonderful cousin- Happy Birthday to Courtney Baum this
next week!!! Love you!

One outrageous thing that happened this week was when we went to
Eckernförde- we bought a normal train ticket, and while happily
sitting on the train, the Deutsche Bahn guy came by to check our
ticket. Unknown to us, we had bought one that only worked for buses!
So he made us pull out our visas, said a few rude comments, and made
us each pay a 48 € fee!! And then when we wanted to get back to Kiel,
we each had to buy new tickets because our other ones were only for
buses. Equaling out to a grand total of 129€ by the end of our
journey, folks. It should have only cost us 21€. Yep.

We also played soccer this week, and got to know some really cool
Turkish people! They were really interested in our missionary tags,
but didn't really have further interest in the church. It's all about
getting our names out there, though!

Sunday, we had a musical number in Sacrament meeting with Elder
Morton, it went awesome! Many members said it made them tear up!
After, we ate with the bishop's and 2nd counselor's families! Soooo
many cute kids! We are doing a family mission plan with them, and
shared the story of Lehi's dream, where Lehi wants his family to
partake of the fruit. We've asked them to write their testimonies in
the front of a BOM, and when we give it out to someone, we'll call
them and share what happened! They're so pumped.

We also visited Sister Koch, a less active, and she wrote her
testimony out for us! It has 4 parts to it, and she made copies so we
could give it out, how cute is that? And left us with her own 15
minute prayer, love her.

Miracle this week: we finally got a call from the Albanian
Missionaries!! We can now have them on Skype to help teach the Ukaj
family this week! Say what?? Finally the Ukaj family can understand
everything. We are stoked! We are so blessed to have technology as

I know the Lord needs each of us in our capacities to serve. My
testimony has been strengthened especially as I've been in Kiel, of
our impact we can have on others! No matter our situation or what we
think we can/can't do, you can make a difference!

- Saw a cute old man with his own makeshift flagpole attached to his
walker with the German flag flying proudly by his side, plus streamers
on his hat. So Awesome!
-"Where do you get your patience? Is it from Jesus?" - Sister Davis

Love you all!!! Have a wonderful week!!
Sister Titensor

Pic: Gudegast family!! Peter is a recent convert, and we love them to
death!! The sweetest German couple.

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