Monday, July 20, 2015

July 6, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!

Happy Birthday to cutie Danae this week!!! I wish you the BEST on the
9th!! I love you Danae, you are amazing!

Well, things have seriously been HOT this last week! It has been in
the high 90's, combined with humidity, and no one believes in air
conditioning or anti-perspirant. Bring on the hair-up- dos and

Well this last week has been great, little by little things are coming
along, and including the weather, Kiel is looking up!

The biggest miracle this week was a random phone call we got after
district meeting on Wednesday. I had left the meeting feeling a bit
discouraged about all that I felt I needed to do, and wasn't doing in
our area to have our work improve. Then about 15 minutes later, we're
walking down the street, and this lady called, said she had our card
from sisters last year, and wanted to meet with us! "I know some
members of your church nearby, and I know you talk to people about the
BOM, and the bible. And I've been searching for what religion I should
have in my life, and I think I want to go this direction." .... Can
you say MIRACLE??? We went two days later to her house, and she is the
cutest lady ever! Super in tune with the spirit, and wants to search, and read everything we have. Most of all, she is really
searching for answers in her life- sincere investigator everyone!
So we are stoked to work with her!!
After, we got lunch at the beach (she lives at Laboe) and ate crepes
and hot dogs in celebration of the holiday. Everyone stared at us in
our matching 4th of July sweaters, but I think they were just jealous.

Also during the week, we met with some other investigators, but they
don't have sincere interest yet, so we are helping them to see the
"why" in the gospel and what it can mean for them.

We also went to Eckernförde for a less active, and saw jellyfish in
the harbor! Apparently they come in waves this time of year, and this
is just the first one!

Sunday we went to Rendsburg, as it was their last official meeting as
a branch. Their branch is now dissolved, and is in our Kiel Ward now.
It is super hard for all these members, many have been in the branch
for 30+ years. And the drive to Kiel isn't an easy one either, but the
Lord will bless these members with a way! I was able to play the piano
for them, singing "Gott Sei Mit Euch Bis Aufs Wiedersehn" (God be with
you till we meet again) at the end. We're excited to see them in our
building next week!!

Biggest thing mission wise- we officially have a new president!! We
will have our Zone Conference with him this Wednesday! He sounds so
nice and I'm excited to meet him!

Sounds like everyone had an awesome 4th of July, I hard being away
from family this time of year, but I am blessed to feel so close to
you! ( "I feel so close to you right now, it's like a force field!"-
some famous artist)

Anyways, the gospel is true, I've been learning a lot this week about
the role of faith in seeing miracles! If we're not looking for them,
they won't come. I know that we can and DO see miracles everyday, God
is very aware of us!

 Thanks for your support!! Have a wonderful week! Bis nächste Woche!
I love you all!!!

Sister Titensor

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