Monday, January 4, 2016

July 27th 2015

Hallo Meine Lieben!!

This week was pretty normal, investigators are coming back into our
teaching pool! And the work is picking up, woo hoo! I'm wearing my
boots, tights, and scarf as I write you, ha, doesn't quite feel like

We had another one of our transportation mishaps this week, and ended
up stranded along the side of the road with a Syrian family. Haha.
They were super nice, even offered us cigarettes and everything! But 2
hours later, we did find our way! Sadly they didn't really have
interest in the church, but maybe it'll lead to something later down
the road.

The biggest miracle of the week was our lesson with the Ukaj family!!
We've had a hard time communicating because they speak very little
English, and even less German. And we finally got the Albanian
Missionaries on Skype, and we're able to teach them in their own
language!! They were so happy to hear Albanian. And we think the
husband and wife progressed more in that one lesson than in any
others! They know the gospel is true and really want to be baptized.
But they want to have a stronger foundation and understanding first,
which is great, so we're super happy! We'll have the Albanian elders
help in future lessons too. When I was watching them listen to the
elders, I was smiling ear to ear, as I saw the spirit really touch
their hearts. This gospel is really something special! They are such
an amazing family. And after the lesson, their 9 year old son comes
in, and in broken English asks, " I haven't been able to sleep because
I've had a question- will the world really end?" So sweet, ya?
We were able to tell him about Christ coming, and the peace we can
receive through prayer. I am so grateful for the peace this gospel
brings to others' lives!

This week we were able to help at a small wedding reception in
Rendsburg, and we almost had to sing a love song, randomly. To our
relief, there wasn't time, haha. The couple who just got married are
now in our Ward, they are super cool.

One night, we were woken up by yelling at 2 in the morning, it was
super scary. A couple nearby decided to start an argument right
outside our window, and we lost a good hour of sleep. :(

We also had Tausch, or exchanges this week. I went to Hamburg with
Sister Walker, and it was awesome! She is a super chill STL, and has
the best attitude about missionary work. Hamburg feels so enormously
huge compared to Kiel, I forgot how to navigate in such big places.

 And our Home Teacher/ Visiting Teacher plan with our Ward is going
amazingly!! We are starting the plan this next month- where we work
with the Relief Society and do splits to visit teach, and help them
out if their partner can't go. Therefore getting to know the members,
the less actives, and everyone gets visited! The elders are doing the
same with the home teachers. I think it'll really turn our Ward
around. Especially since everyone is on board.
 Bishop also got up and bore his testimony about how this church is
one of action- and was very blunt about our responsibility to act and
not sit and wait upon our leadership. It was very well done!

Well, we get transfer calls this Saturday! We'll let you know next
week what's new! I'm nervous that I might leave, but I'll go where I'm

Love you all!!! Thanks for your updates and keeping me in the loop!!
Sister Titensor

The Ukaj family, skyping with the Albanian missionaries! Aren't they so cute? :)

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