Monday, July 20, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hey Fam- Bam!!!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Laura girl!!! I hope you have an amazing day!!

This last week was great, we ended every day exhausted! We've revamped
our area program, and are stoked for it! The biggest focus lately has
been new investigators, so we are pumped! Street contacting to the

We enjoyed Kieler Woche this last week, the amount of people here was
insane! We checked out the international market, where they have food
from all over the world, and concerts. We did have to be home earlier
on the weekend, taking some precautions. We did get to hear some sweet
fireworks though!

We got to help a less active move this last week, and I was painfully
reminded of how out of shape I am!

This last week I read the talk- Living with Purpose- the importance of
real intent- it was awesome! It really helped guide my perspective on
all the things I do daily. I've been striving to expand upon the
responsibilities that I've been given, and fulfill all I have. I
recommend it for a good read!

On Saturday, we taught the Ukaj family the Plan of Salvation, and they
loved it! As we were sitting there, and they were watching "Because He
Lives", I felt the spirit confirm to me of how amazing of an
experience it is to teach people here. I really feel my happiest when
I am out teaching and serving- there is really no substitute for this
kind of happiness!

Thanks for all you do fam and friends!! Love you all!!
Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

Pic: Gorgeous Harbor in Rendsburg

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