Monday, July 20, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hallo liebe familie!!

First off, Happy Father's Day next Sunday to my favorite, most
patient, wise, hilarious, Wyoming-loving Dad!! I love you!!

Well oh well folks, this last week was probs one of the biggest bummer
weeks, not going to lie. Ha, Sister Davis and I have been thrown
everything at this point, so there's not much more to surprise us
with. We have been keeping our humor despite it all, so that's

The biggest bummer this week was that Cami tschussed us, saying she
can't meet with us anymore. With her baptism in 2 weeks, we are not
100 percent sure why. It sounds like her family members have scared
Cami about being baptized and now isn't sure of the direction she
needs to take. We are incredibly bummed, and now it is fully up to the
Lord, we have done all we can. It was a crazy mix of emotions after
she told us she didn't want to meet anymore, but I had this wierd
peace that the Lord wants us to focus our efforts in a different
direction now. We're not sure where yet, but I know that the Lord will
help others come into our path!

 Here are just a few other random highlights and bummers from our week:
- Tuesday, all of our appointments fell out, ha, and had District
Meeting. (That was a highlight)
- Wednesday no one was home, ha, missionary life. But we did have good
language study at a members home, the Kleiners, one is from the U.S.
and the other served his mission in Canada, love them to death.
- Thursday had 2 eating appointments, which were really good, with two
loving ward families!
- Friday we had another lunch appointment with our favorite Ward
mission leader, Br. Timm, and his adorable wife and kids!! We played a
"tree of life" game with them, attaching a rope to their swing set,
and a tree. Then we asked them to close their eyes, as we threw huge
yoga balls at them as they went. It was stinkin hilarious, and the
kids loved it! Their "fruit of the tree" at the end were Capri-Suns!
-Right after the Timm family, Cami told us she couldn't meet anymore,
:( Telling our district leader that night was hard, he was so helpful
though, helping us know that we're doing all that we should. Later
that night, we had both gotten in bed, and our zone leader Elder Blake
calls, and says, " I just got off the phone with Elder Fischer ( our
DL) and I heard about Cami... I am so so sorry. What can I do for you?
Can I bring you ice cream?" I about started crying right then and
there, haha. I replied, "Wow, you know us well!" "Yeah, I have a
little sister, so.." Haha. That is what leadership is all about!!
Super happy about that.
- Then Saturday was a crazy adventure- no one was home again, then we
went to an appointment with a less active we had not met yet. We
struggled to even find the address, and when we did, we saw this sign
for a mental hospital. Doubting that to be right, we called her, and
she walked to us- well, turns out she does live in this housing.. But
we walked with her back, thinking, ok, how bad could this be? ...
Walking to the hospital, I was kind of attacked by another crazy lady
walking the path, that was terrifying. Then we visited with this less
active, and needless to say, it's not safe for us to go back again. :)
-Again, our zone leaders both called us that day, and consoled us.
Haha, one brought us ice cream to our door to cheer us up, but by the
time we got to our apartment that afternoon, someone had stolen it....
Our luck.
- Without ice cream, and soaked from the downpour of that day, we
spent the evening writing talks and preparing our musical number for
Sunday in the small branch of Rendsburg. Haha
-Sunday was awesome, our talks went well, and we got to know the 15
members of the branch! I seriously love Germans, they are so faithful.

Anywho, despite all the craziness, there is always good, and there is
always a lesson to be learned. I think we are being prepare for
something bigger, and the Lord has a different direction for us to go.
I'm not quite sure what that is yet, but I know we'll find it soon as
we continue to look forward! I know that the Lord expects us to work
hard, and continue with our heads up, no matter what we're given. :)

Thanks for reading my crazy adventures of this week! And thanks for
all your emails and love!! It means the world!!
I love you all!! Keep it real!!

Sister Titensor

Pic: To spice up our week, I dressed up like Sister Davis one day, and
she dressed up like me, we are so creative. Me, wearing her clothes,


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