Monday, July 20, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hallo liebe Familie und Freunde!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Andrew this Wednesday!!! I hope it is amazing for you!
And shoutout to Matt and Danae!! Happy Anniversary this next
Thursday!! Sending my love across the miles!

This week has been great, more highs than lows, and we've been super
busy, and we love that!! Time really has been flying by- June is
almost over and I still feel like I'm in March!! We got transfer calls
and Sister Davis and I are staying together! Woo hoo! We are getting a
new Zone Leader though, and it's Elder Morton! My district leader from
Spandau! So it's going to be a hopping party here in Kiel.

We had exchange with the STL's from Monday to Tuesday. Sister Means
gave us lots of good ideas of how we can better work with our ward!
On Wednesday we gave a theme on Finding using our IPads, ha, which I
have personally been horrible at, but change is possible! The cool
thing is I can see how the Lord is preparing people for the gospel,
and our IPads/ technology has been a huge part in that.
Thursday we headed out northwest to Eckernforde for a less active! And
she is so adorable! We shared the "Because He Lives" video- and let me
tell you, it brings the spirit EVERY time!
Friday we spent most of the day trying to find a referral by the
coast, haha. I am so grateful for Google Maps, prayer, and nicey bus
drivers! Good news though, we did find the referral eventually!
That night we went to a grill abend with the Relief Society, and we
brought No-Bake cookies for a dessert- Germans LOVE those! I have
never given out the recipe so much!
Saturday we went to Rendsburg, had an eating appointment with
Rendsburg's mission leader, he is the coolest guy ever! We are excited
to work more closely with him to strengthen their branch.

This week is a HUGE summer celebration called "Kieler Woche" ( Kiel
week). There is an estimated 3 million extra people here in the city
this week! Crazzzy! We met lots of Americans the other day, lots in
the Navy. There are Russian, Denmark, French, and Spain boats in the
harbor! They basically have lots of free beer and food lining the
streets, with concerts and fireworks every night! So we've had to be
extra careful in the evenings, but it's been fun to see people from
all over!

Here are some good quotes of the week:
- " Sister Dinosaur, you need to get special permission to see the new
Jurassic World movie, it's got your family in it!" - our Favorite
Israeli YSA named Saher, and his crazy nick name for me. Haha

-" I don't insult people, I just 'worst-compliment' them". - Me

Thanks for all you do for me family!! I love you lots! Keep up being
amazing! Don't forget how involved the Lord is in our lives!
I love you all!!

Liebe Immer-

Sister Titensor

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