Monday, July 20, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hallo meine Lieben!!
Happy Summer everyone!!
First off, Happy Happy Anniversary to my lovely parents!! I love you dearly!!

This last week was... Crazy, to say the least. We were pulled to our
limits emotionally, physically and mentally. Ha, but let's start out
with the best of the best- 2 weeks ago one of my previous
investigators in Spandau got baptized!! What up!! I was ecstatic to
hear that! It's Virginia, she's 14, and the cutest German girl ever!
Love being a missionary!

We had Zo-Co on Wednesday and had our last goodbyes to President! We
had a wonderful talk by Elder Atler in a quorum of the 70's, and
something that stuck out to me was talking about our callings. "Do we
view our callings now as a position of privilege?" Applying that to
however we serve, inside the church and in our homes. What ever we are
given, do we see it as a privilege? A really humbling thought for me.
Love it!

And Cami is doing well, she needs a lot of encouragement to stop
smoking, and we are putting in all our efforts to keep her going!! She
is getting closer though!  We brought the elders again, and it helped
Cami tons.
And we had lots of contact with less actives and I know the Lord is
looking out for each one of them!

One night, we are sitting planning, and we hear, " good morning star
shine" outside our window- Sister Davis screams, and I turn to see an
old drunk dude, knocking on our window. Haha, the beauties of living
on the ground floor! He is actually our neighbor, so we don't know
exactly what to do with him yet. Haha

Freitag was our day for the unbelievable- wrestled our bikes onto a
train to Rendsburg and then couldn't get off our train with our bikes
because the door was blocked with people... Then we wrestle our way
off at the next train station and wait an hour for a train to take us
back in the opposite direction. We get back to Rendsburg, bike all the
way to our beloved Ukaj family, and they are weirdly not home!
Frustrated beyond belief, we try by some contacts there, and went home
by train. Later, Sister Davis got into a bike wreck, and I'm drained
of all energy. After an appointment with Cami, and playing soccer that
night, sister Davis found a stinging nettle plant and we missed our
bus stop. Solid day.

But despite all the craziness this last week, I can't complain, the
Lord still sees ways to bless us every day!

Also, fun fact, I am over my half way mark!!! Weirdy weirdy, I don't
know how that already happened. Seriously went by in the blink of an
Well, I wanted to share some things I've learned in these last awesome
9 months, as a little "Wisdom I just barely learned that everyone else
already knew about", haha.
The biggest thing is that life is ALL about the small moments!! Those
times where I've decided to be kind rather than snappy, laugh instead
of cry, ask about someone else's day rather than speak about myself,
strike a conversation with a stranger, etc. When I look back on the
whole, I am so grateful for the small decisions I've made in those
moments that were the hardest. And it makes the biggest difference in
those you are surrounded by!!

Love you all!! Have a wonderful week! Thanks for your emails and fun pictures!!
Liebe Immer-

Sister Titensor

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