Monday, July 20, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!

I really really apologize for last weeks letter not coming through! I
was so excited and attached my pic at the very end and it deleted my
whole letter, boo! Just know it was a good one.
Whelp, this last week was full of weirdy, hilarious, and amazing
moments. It seems that Sister Davis and I attract all sorts of
First off, my new comp, as of 2 weeks now- Sister Davis- she is from
Syracuse Utah and is one transfer older than me! Also she is a crazy
good jokester, legally blind ( makes for hilarious stories), and can
sing like an angel! It has been an awesome beginning to the transfer!

I'll give some highlights from last week as a review:
- Our STL's were on the phone with an elder Sent from my iPad
- Watched Meet the Mormons last Monday as it was a holiday! Wooo hoo!

- Wednesday we taught English Class with Aylin, and at the end, Sister
Davis had the best experience ever, get this: we finish class and
Aylin recognizes that Sister Davis' eyes move back and forth, and she
says, "I can transfer my energy to other people, and I can do the same
to calm your eyes. Would you like that?" Sister Davis is so weirded
out, and hesitates, "uh, maybe, I will think about it..... Sister
Titensor, what do you think?" Expecting me to deflect Aylin's offer,
I turn to Aylin, " yeah, actually, I think that would be a good idea!
Let's try it." And at this point Sis. Davis is mortified, and Aylin
stands up in front of her, and starts shaking from her feet to her
head and chants, " this is for your body, your spirit,  not only for
your eyes."  Sis. Davis is biting the inside of her cheeks, trying not
to laugh and I turn to my IPad, covering my face. This "energy giving
process" lasts for about 3 minutes, and after Aylin stops shaking, she
gives us hugs and leaves. Sis Davis is raging, haha, she's screaming,
"what WAS that??" And I'm laughing my head off- it took her a couple
days, but now she is so grateful to me for the experience of a
lifetime I didn't let her pass up. :) best thing ever.

- We met with Cami every day this week, and the elders came on
Saturday and gave her a blessing. She was SO happy and was frolicking
around the apartment. She said she didn't smoke all day Saturday, but
did on Sunday and felt horrible for it. After explaining that the
priesthood blessing is according to Gods will, and that it's going to
take work to overcome this addiction, she felt calmed and is willing
to try again. She is so in tune with the spirit, and I know that she
is being prepared!!

- The Ukaj family in Rendsburg accepted the invite to baptism!! We
will set a firm date with them next Friday, but they are so ready! The
mom feeds us candy and Coke, and said, "This is your meal!" Love them!

Thanks for all you do for me fam!! I appreciate all the letters and
pics! This is truly His work, and the Lord is always there for you!! I
have had the spirit testify of this simple truth to me especially this
Love you all!!
Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

Pic: we found cover in the middle of a pouring storm and naturally

took a pic while we were waiting- #pinterestworthy?

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