Monday, July 20, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hallo Lieben!!!

First off- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER DEAR!!!! Have a wonderful day on the 20th!!! I love you so much!! You are forever young, turning 24 this year. Crazy how time flies.

Wowza, this last week has been a complete whirlwind as we've been prepping Sister Harris to go to America- and me to take over the area!! I hardly even know what to do with time anymore!

Uhhh, whelp, to begin, P-day-
we went to Laboe, which is a gorgeous part of the beach!! Got my first sunburn of the season! It was just what I needed. Got some peace by the waves, played soccer in the sand with the elders and some YSA of the ward- PARTY CENTRAL! #livingthegoodlife

Other big part of the week- we made out a BAPTISMAL DATE with Chamillia!!! She is making so much progress! We saw here 3 times this last week, and she has such a strong desire to get baptized!! Her faith and determination to change is incredible! Her date is the 27th of June, and we are so excited!!

Lots of other things happened too- service at the Zicklers home (family in the ward) tearing down wall paper, had an awkward Zone Training Meeting where me and Sister Harris gave a theme.. haha, we were so excited in front of the zone, and we just got "deer in the headlights" looks back at us. Haha. Love it.

Spent Friday in Rendsburg- taught our cutie Ukaj family. The Cooks, the mission couple, took us on 2 ferries in their car!!! One of them hangs under the rail road tracks, and runs across the canal- apparently it is one of 12 in the world. Coolness!!

Saw lots of drunk dudes because that is how Germans celebrate Christ's ascension into heaven??? Hahaha...
On Sunday Sister Harris and I performed a musical number, she sang "Lord I would Follow Thee" and it rocked the house. She gave a wonderful talk, and had everyone in tears!
That night, we hopped on a train with 8 bags.. and found out 10 minutes in that we were to switch trains, and so we loaded ourselves up and probably looked like 2 little chickens with our heads cut off as we ran through the bahnhof to another connecting train. Haha, then a couple more train chases later, I set Sister Harris off on her train to Spandau!!

Transfer Calls- I will be staying in Kiel with Sister Davis- she is adorable! She served in Berlin the same time I did, so we saw eachother often, and actually joked about being comps last month- surprise!!!
Now I'm in Hamburg for 2 days with our Sister Training Leaders because I don't get cutie Sister Davis until Tuesday afternoon! I forgot what a big city is like! Compared to Kiel, Hamburg is HUGE!! Haha, almost died from bicycles already this morning, but we're good.

I'm sure things will settle down in a week or two, but until then- I love you all!! This gospel is so true!! No matter what happens, what changes may occur, the Lord is there to strengthen you! I know that to be true, and will be holding strong to that this next little while, that's for sure!!

I love you all!!!
Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

Pic: ferry across canal in Rendsburg

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