Monday, July 20, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!

It was so awesome to see you yesterday!! All the cutie babes, still looking adorable. And everyone looks so good! Happy Mothers Day, mother dear!!! I love you so much!! 

This last week was more challenging than others, but helped me to see more of what I'm capable of! And I just hit my 8 month mark!! Crazy!!! 
On Monday we cleaned up the Riz, our institute center here! Made the garden look amazing, thanks Martha Johnson for showing me the way to spruce up a garden! 

Tuesday we had a crazy rainstorm and took refuge in our favorite investigator's apartment. Her name is Lizzy, and she is the most legit German. She is about 85, and looks like a ghost, no joke! Her hair is so white, and her complexion is whiter than her hair! Ha, and the best is that she's blind- but doesn't miss a THING! She wrote down her address perfectly for S. Harris. Coolest blind person ever? I think so!

Wednesday was our last Distrikt Meeting with our finisher missionaries! We have 3 leaving us, and they gave great testimony about how much their mission has meant to them. Love to hear those testimonies, helps me to evaluate where I am, and know what I want for the end of my mission! 
Later that day we helped our investigator's daughter, Mihaela, fan smoke from her kitchen as she left something on the stove, haha. After that though, we had a good discussion; she wants to have a better relationship with her mom and we testified that as she continued to pray everyday and find ways to serve her mom, that things would get better. She loved God, and wants to really follow Him, which is an awesome foundation. 

Thursday- the BEST day of the week- we went into Rendsburg, which is about 30 minutes by train SW because the program is closing there! So now we in Kiel are taking over their program! Woo! We got out the BIKES, ahhh, and died laughing as we navigated our way through buses and crowds to the train station. Met up with the Elders and thought we would be joint teaches in their appointment. But then the elders flip out their planners and say, "Ok, here's the outline, you're teaching the family." uhhhhh...... ok! But it turned out awesome, taught about prayer and now we are teaching this most adorable family from Alabania!!

Other than that, things are going great! Transfer Calls are this Saturday!! Ahhh, so sad that Sister Harris has to leave!! But excited for what is to come!!

Small spiritual thought: This last week I've been studying courage, and how I can show more courage in all that I do! And I found a talk from Lorenzo Snow about "Our quest to perfection". And it was amazing how he tied it into courage. I was reminded overall that the Lord will not ever put us into a situation without Him providing a way that we can accomplish all that He asks. That we must not be perfect, but strive to do all we can in our sphere and overtime we will be able to accomplish more and more. So we can go forward with courage! Knowing that we will not do everything perfectly, but that He will provide for us, and we will grow stronger in Him!

I love you all family and friends! Thanks for being amazing!!!
Liebe Immer, 
Sister Titensor

PIC: We all sent in a picture to our mission president to represent how we are preparing to serve in the digital age, and our idea was to stay focused on the people we have in our area:                 our caption, "Keep both feet in your area!"

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