Monday, January 4, 2016

November 23rd. Happy Thanksgiving

Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde!!

(Wow, text is weird, sorry about that!)

Well this week, it has finally begun to feel like winter! It's dropped to about 35 degrees F as a high! It fits perfectly though, as we got our first bit of snow last night and the Christmas Markets are opening up! Oh, how I love Germany.

We taught Ireen about temples this week, she's excited to go inside someday!! She's a complete gem.

Wednesday night at Institute we saw President Kosak again, he showed us all those home from the mission who have gotten married, haha. Some of whom, he says he matched up on the mission. Haha, he doesn't even deny it.

We also began teaching an investigator named Iris in the second program, and she is awesome! One of her granddaughters just died 2 months ago, and because it's been hard, she hasn't wanted to meet. But the timing lined up, we met with her, brought a rockin' joint teach, and she came to church!! First time ever! Despite the fact that it was "Day of the Dead Sunday", or "Eternal Sunday", and she cried a bit because of it, she loved seeing the primary, and wants to come again. Wahoo!

Lately I've been trying to really improve my teaching, and I've found that when at first it gets harder, keep trying, it just means Satan is trying to discourage you! But Sister Flake and I feel like we've gotten really good at explaining principles and the doctrine lately, so we feel blessed as we've worked on our teaching together. And let's be real, she's the more experienced missionary here, so she's showing me how it's done. :)

My testimony has also been strengthened on how our past experiences prepare us for the now and future as we visited a less active family on Thursday. The mother is Albanian, and immediately I was able to connect to her with the few Albanian words I know, and spoke about the Ukaj family in Kiel. Because I know a little bit about Albania already, and how it must be for her, I was able to feel connected to her and give her comfort in her family situation.

In another way, I've been able to understand how Dresden Wards 1 & 2 are feeling, having just had their boundaries split, and a branch closed, adding to the 2 Ward. Because it was similar in Kiel, I now know what I can do to help. I am so grateful that the Lord is in charge, and He prepares us for His wise purposes to come!

Thanks for all your love and support! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for YOU, family and friends - I know, sounds ridiculously cheesy, but there's not a way around it. Thanks for keeping it real. Till next week.

In Liebe,

Sister Titensor

My Address:

Wiesen Str. 8

01277 Dresden


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