Monday, January 4, 2016

November 16th. Week 3 in Dresden

Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde!!

Well, this week I've been so impressed by our Dresden Wards! The families invite us to FHE in their homes, we are invited every Sunday for dinner, and the bishop listens to us in Ward Council. Man, I am so impressed and know that it is because other missionaries and members have worked near together to get to this point. Let me tell you, there is such a difference when members and missionaries work together! :)

We also visited a cute less active sister named Sister Schulze, and talked about the importance of Motherhood and it was perfect for her! What was cool was Sister Flake and I had both unknowingly found things about parenting/ women in our personal study and decided to share those thoughts. She expressed how much she's been thinking about her grown up kids, and knew now she was to reconnect with them. I know the Lord guided us as we prepared to visit this sister!

On Friday morning we had a spontaneous mission- wide conference call, where President told us one member of the Area presidency called him the night before, and wanted to know if Elder Ballard could speak to our mission! President told us to buy tickets immediately to Berlin, and get ready to see him Sunday! We drove after church with our missionary couple in Dresden, the Sanders.

Elder Ballard was so awesome! We all had the opportunity to shake his hand. He spoke about talking to people, all the time, everywhere. He committed us to talking to at least 10 people each day, and that we will see miracles because of it. He also challenged us to become great teachers. "Great teachers are what we need these days. You missionaries have a lot of competition! Get out there, get these people's attention, and show them what's important. Please teach for understanding."

As the meeting was ending, he said, " Well, I could stay here and talk to you for hours, but I won't. Because I'm tired. And I want to sleep. We are going to say 'Adios, Amigos' and head out, ok?" Haha, he's great. Elder Christiansen and his wife also accompanied him in Berlin.

On Sunday morning, Ireen, our 17 year old investigator took part in the YM/ YW program in sacrament meeting! She has the YW theme memorized, then gave her testimony and totally blew it out of the water!! :) I wish I was as strong willed as her when I was 17.

For P- day, I showed sister Flake around Berlin because she'd never been there before, and we had a blast!! I miss Berlin. :) But I love Dresden too!

Well, thanks for all your love and support. I am so grateful to be here, serving in the most important work. I know the Lord knows us, and needs us in our capacities.

In Liebe,

Sister Titensor

Concentration camp in North Berlin!

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