Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last Letter As Sister Titensor!

Hallo Familie und Freunde,

This last week was such a blessing, we were able to be so busy, and
see small miracles. One of them was as we were on our way to Berlin
this week, we talked with a couple about the gospel for almost the
entire 2 hour trip! They knew a member in the first Ward in Dresden,
and we were able to get their contact information. We also had an
amazing lesson with our recent convert. She had some questions about
things pertaining to after this life, and we had such a spiritual time
finding her answers for her. She has grown and has developed so much
light in these past few months, that it has made everything worth it.
The church is true, it literally changes lives.

On Thursday we received a call that I should be in Berlin the next
day, so that I could have my last interview with President, because he
wouldn't be able to finish them all next week in Freiberg! So, we
bought a ticket and went for a ride! It was such a good last interview
with President, we discussed what the Atonement has meant for me on my
mission, and how I'll take what I've learned into my future. He gave
me a very sweet blessing at the end, and I know that God knows us, our
questions, and our desires, and He has appointed inspired leaders to
carry out His work. :)

The elders in my district have been good this last week at reminding
me how many days I've had until going home, haha. "You have less days
than Missionary pamphlets!" Or, "You have less days than there are
commandments!", "You have less days than there are books in the
standard works!" Haha. Today's comment was, "You have less hours in
Dresden than you do suitcases!"
Yep. Got to love them.

I am so blessed to have been able to share my testimony with the
amazing people of Germany. I know that our Heavenly Father is very
aware of His children, especially here. ;) I know that God lives, that
He knows each of us by name and desires all of us to come unto Him
through Christ. The Book of Mormon is evidence of His love and so is
prayer. And because of Christ and His Atonement for us, I have been
able to change and become more who my Father Heaven sees me as.  I
know this church is the true church on the earth today, and I will
always be proud to say so.
I am so humbled and honored to have worn this special name tag every
day for the last 18 months, it is truly a time I will cherish for the
rest of my life!

Ich weiß dass dieser Kirche von Christus ist, und dass der Himmlischer
Vater Joseph Smith tatsächlich als Prophet berufen hat, um die Kirche
wiederherzustellen. Durch das Sühnopfer Christi können wir täglich
umkehren, uns ändern, und Teil nehmen in Seine Gnade. Das weiß ich
weil ich das erfahren habe, und ich hab gesehen wie es die Leben von
anderen total geändert hat. Warten wir nicht, um die Segnungen der
Ewigkeit zu erlangen- die sind da, wir müssen Christus nur annehmen
und sehen wie Er uns ändern kann.

I love you all, thanks for your support and for your testimonies these
last 18 months!! Never forget your own testimony and how much it means
to you. You never know how you can change others' lives through your
testimony! It has real power!

In Liebe,
Sister Titensor

Feb. 29, 2016

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