Thursday, April 14, 2016

Home Sweet Home!!

Hey folks- I thought this time would never come... but I'm home!
What a crazy life shift this is!!
 I'm a normal person now. Whatever that means! Ha, it's hard to fully describe the emotions of coming home from something so wonderful and so incredibly fulfilling!! Not to say that normal life isn't- it completely is! It's just different than missionary work, and it's supposed to be that way. We aren't supposed to serve missions for our whole lives. They are 18 months to 2 years for a reason! Because that's the time the Lord set aside for His missionaries, to learn the things they need to learn, to serve His children, and come closer to Him.
This time at home is now another phase- intended to again help us grow. If you're anything like me, hearing the words, "It'll help you grow" tend to make me cringe. We don't want whats hard, naturally! But I mean, how else would we know that eating a lot of desserts would make our body crash and burn without experiencing it first hand?

Ok, a silly example, I know. Bear with me.

Haha, we all have to find out ourselves, through our own experience in order to grow and improve ourselves. And that includes our physical health as well!

All I'm saying with this humongous rant of mine is that what we experience is for a reason! And I am so stinkin' grateful I could go on a mission, and come back, and face my future having learned what I did in Germany! God is so good.

Life is good, life is worthwhile, sometimes we need a little bit of German chocolate to get us through, but in the end it's so worth it!!!

I'll attempt to keep an update on my life and adventures post-mission, and to share with you my own perspective!

Thanks ya'll. Bis Gleich!!

Keep on keeping on!

[Here are some fun snap shots of the glorious reunions I've had in the last month!!]

-Sist-----  Rach. There we go. I'm still practicing. Haha


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