Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 4, 2015
Hallo Liebe Familie!!!
We are emailing on Sat. because all stores will be closed on Monday for the holidays, so we get to say hi a little earlier! And it's General Konferenz weekend, what a deal.

This last week was amazing, ahhhh man. Spandau is the best. Berlin is the best- no, Germany is the best.
We got transfer calls this morning, and..... I'm going to the city of Kiel!!!! It is really far north, right next to Denmark!! I am so stinkin' excited! My companion is Sister Harris, she actually served in Spandau last year, ha, so we will have lots of good stories to exchange! She will be finishing her mission in these next 2 months, I believe. My zone is Neumünster, and an elder from my distrikt right now will be going there too! Super excited, and also nervous. Feels like I'm jumping off a cliff a little, but it's going to be great.

Montag we saw the East Side Gallery! The wall is still up in East Berlin, and there are famous paintings along it that are redone every few years or so. It was insane weather, as apparently there was some hurricane warnings for North Germany, haha. But we enjoyed it trotzdem! Ooh, and I bought new shoes, my other pair was total kaput, so that was a joy!
Later that day, we had an amazing lesson with our new investigator named Lois, she is from Ghana! She's 17, and has so much faith. Said she'll read the BOM! woot woot. Then we ran into another one of our new investigators on the bus, and as we're talking, he buts in-- " I want to be a full time member of your church. And wear those name tags too." YES.

Dienstag- the craziest weather I have experienced so far! Ha, with the "hurricane warnings" and such, it made finding new people pretty difficult. So we did lots of dooring, but no one was home either... we wondered, where are these people then?? I thought back to my childhood where we rode those little razor scooters when it was windy, and put towels on the front to pull us down the street. Good times.

Mittwoch- Zone Training Meeting! It was the bomb. Had a lot of good themes, and focused on giving people light. One elder is like a master finder, and gave a theme on just focusing on bringing our light to others. It doesn't always have to lead to a number, and we share this gospel by spreading joy!  Later that day we had a few interesting and kind of scary experiences with peeps, one was a new investigator, of whom we will no longer visit, haha. We just have stronger testimonies that the Lord looks out for his missionaries! :)

Donnerstag- awesome visit with a member, and another new investigator, we are so blessed!

Freitag-Plannen, and then we met with our favorite Achim.... oh man. We told him that I would be leaving, and maybe we shouldn't have. Haha, because he brought tons of chocolate, bought me a super expensive necklace that connected to the scripture passage we gave him, (pondering deeply in the scriptures, right?) and....before I knew what was happening- gives me a GOODBYE KISS!!! Hahaha, I was just shaking his hand goodbye, and he pulls me in, and plants one on my cheek! That sneaky old man. Hahaha, yeah..... We will make sure we have joint teaches in the future. Haha
Now we're here! We are headed into central Berlin to hear the General Conference in English, U'm so pumped. With these transfer calls, I just look back on my time in Spandau, and I am SO grateful for all the experiences I have had here!! This area, this ward, these people- I will never forget. I am so sad to leave Sister Montierth, but know we have learned amazing things from each other. I'm so grateful for the things the Lord has given me, and how he has helped me to grow so far. I can't wait to see what else is in store, now in Kiel!!

I have also been filled with a gratitude for my family this last week. We've been teaching a lot of people this last week about Easter and how it is a time to celebrate Christ together. Many have mentioned how they have no family, or don't feel that Easter is anything important. I am so grateful for the family I have, and for the knowledge that Christ is risen, and that He truly lives and is here for each one of us.

Vergessen Sie nicht das Er immer bei Sie ist. Er hat so viel fur uns gelittet, damit jeder von uns ewiges leben haben konnen. Alles ist möglich, weil Er lebt. Ich weiss dass mit meinem ganzen Herzen, Ich hab mehr von Seinen geist als bevor gespürt. Denken Sie personlich, was hat Christus für Sie getan? :)

Check out the video if you haven't seen it yet, on! (I know probably every missionary is writing home about that, huh?) ;) But it's the bomb.

Sorry for so many random thoughts, but there are so many good things.
Thank you all for keeping me updated on life, I love you so much! Don't forget the lil sis keepin' it classy in Germany!

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor
p.s. Does anyone remember that one YouTube "paper towels"... haha

pics: Trying to go finding, and there is no one on the streets...

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