Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 2 in Kiel - April 20th

Hallo Liebe Familie!!

Danke for all of your emails and the thoughts you send my way!! I love them all! 
Kiel is doing amazingly this week, we are continuing to build up the work here in the sunshine!  

Oh, and this is from forever ago, but BIG thanks to Aunt Shiela for her Easter Package! My comp was excited to hide it, and I was very grateful when I found a basket of goodies in our dryer!! Thanks so much! :)

Highlights from the week:
-Our investigator Chamillia wants to be baptized, knows the BOM is true, LOVES Jesus, but has to quit smoking and her man needs to move out. Well, we met with her on a Monday. Then on Thursday we come again, and she says, "My man is moving out! We are done. We had a fight. So next week he'll be gone." We stand there, uuuhh, seriously?? She was so calm about it! The Lord has opened a door, no question about it. Now it will also be easier for her to quit smoking too. So awesome!
-Went to visit a less active man from Ghana who lives seriously in the middle of nowhere, haha. After a half hour walk, we get to know him and his wife who makes us some fried bananas and ended us giving us a ride back to the train station. Haha, it was one of those random, who-knows-whats-going-to-happen situations. But turned out to be sweet!
-I had to redo a language survey like 3 times this week, boooo.
-Found a new African, and after teaching him at his doorstep because he was alone, he just repeats, "I love Jesus. I just love Him. I love His words, I need the word of God in my life." Well, good thing we're here right now!
-Found a new favorite German food, includes grating up potatoes, and frying it with lots of cheese and butter. I'll make it for you fam, some day!
-Our other amazing investigator named Maria told us she surfed for 4 hours one day, and loved it! We taught the second lesson, and her mind was blown with Adam and Eve. Once we explained how necessary the Fall was, she's like, "Woah! How come everyone doesn't know this!! They were so necessary, and that's why we are here now, huh?" It was awesome!! We were going to give her a baptismal date, but she's leaving to Poland this week. Dang. But when she gets back, she will be so ready!! 
-Favorite new German word: Honigkuchenpferd. Means someone who smiles a lot. Literally translated it means "Honey cake horse". Haha, sometimes words just don't translate. 

Oh, and I got a haircut today!! The first one since being home... ha, the haircutter was like, "Wow, your hair, you haven't had it cut in a while, have you?" Haha, nope. It's pretty short, but it's perfect! 

This coming week we have a huge conference in Berlin this coming Friday, all of the missionaries together! We're excited about that! We were supposed to get ipads at this meeting but the ZL's just told us that whoever was delivering them got delayed, so we won't get them. Ha, but still a sweet meeting!

Also, had our apartment checked this morning, and our mission couple was like, "Wow, you have a pretty ghetto apartment, huh?" Haha, yup, you said it. But I love it, it has it's own charm. 

I love you all, thanks for all you do! Gehen Sie immer vorwarts im glauben- derr Herr wird vor Sie stehen. Glauben Sie daran!! 

Liebe Immer, 
Sister Titensor

-Take drugs! They work! And don't let anyone tell you different! -Sister Cook, our area couple haha (For Sis. Harris and her back problems)
-They're not freckles, they're sunkisses!    -Elder Pinyon, elder in Kiel 
-Found out the Elders talk about marriage on exchanges... "Yeah, Elder so and so is sooo marriage trunky." What? Apparently that's a real term used among the elders. Secrets revealed! 
-The seagulls literally make the wierdest sounds and it's the best thing EVER. 

p.s.- Mother's day is coming up! What plans work the best for ya? I will probably skype in the evening here again, between 4-8, so like 8-12 in the morning for you.

PIC: Our adorable Polish investigator Maria!!

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