Friday, June 19, 2015

April 27th

Liebe Familie!!

The subject is actually the title from a song that's pretty popular here in Germany, it's one of my favs. BTWs, check it out. Tell your friends. 

This last week was crazy amazing !! I'll try and get all the goodness in here for ya-

On Tuesday, we went and CHALKED the town, writing everywhere, and finding some crazy people in between. Love it!! Ate at a member's house and had a suprise joint teach as one of our investigators, Lyda,was there, love when that happens! Then we played soccer with the young adults, an investigator, and some German hooligan boys. It made for a good round! Haha, I was surprised at their ability to smoke and play soccer at the same time. As I made this comment, Saher, (young adult in our ward) says, "Well, try it. You'll never know how it is until you try it!"  Uhhhh.....

Wednesday we had two appointments with our Romanian Investigators, haha, we had some good laughs about Germans, and their ways. One said, "They always look like they ate something bad for the stomach." Hahaha. And Chamillia, the one who had a fight with her man, is doing great!! She has been reading every day in the Book of Mormon, and you can tell! Her countenance was so bright, and she was so happy. The gospel is true!!

Thursday we hung out with our favorite ghost investigator named Lizzy, she has stark long white hair, and is 89. But she has the energy of a 20 year old. Haha. Talked about family, and the need for families in this world! Then- we hopped in the Cook's (our mission couple) car, and went off for BERLIN!!!! It was seriously the most hilarious road trip. I brought my classic German CD I bought for like 2 dollars, and they told the most hilarious stories. We got to stop at a McDonald's, dad! Thought of you. And I just grew in my love for Germany as we flew past the never ending green fields and windmills. AHHH! Germany is the coooolest! One good quote from Elder Cook, "You women, and your 'women' talk. You always say, 'That thing, I need that one thing. Or we need a thing of bread. And thing of eggs." Hahaha
We overnighted in the Marzahn Sisters' apartment, there were 8 of us sisters together! Haha, huge sleepover. 
Friday-awesome conference with Elder Nielson of the 70, got to see all the missionaries, and it was just the best. Most spiritually uplifting! It was all about ipads, and why they are just tools, but tools that the Lord wants us to be using! Good quote, about how we always have our purpose in mind and know and trust in Him in all we do: 
"A bird sitting in a tree is
Never afraid of the branch breaking,
Because it's trust is not in the branch
But on its own wings." (Unknown)

Then we road-tripped it back that evening with the Cooks again, and they were so nicey to drive us the scenice route!! We saw some castles in Lubeck, and ate KFC. Can you say the perfect day?? It was such a blessing of a day. Really and truly.
The rest of the weekend was great, surprisingly played piano in Sacrament meeting, woo hoo! Thank you Grandma for those lessons. :)
Overall, it was such a blessed week! Feeling pumped and energized!! Sister Harris is often beside herself because she only has 3 weeks left- but we're not allowed to talk about that, haha. We have so much time!!
I love you all!! Thank you so much for your support and love, and keeping me updated on all. I am so grateful to be His servant in Kiel at this time!! 

Liebe Immer, 
Sister Titensor

Pic:Gorgeous, Pride and Prejudice looking castle and estate!

Decided to drop one of our investigators, and in our last lesson, she goes off, "I gave them papers about Osama Bin Laden, and now they owe me millions of dollars!! I have not gotten one cent of them!" Uhhhh....
Sister Harris laughed her head off about my rain jacket this week- the hood points up to make me look like a gnome, she lovingly pointed out, haha.

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