Monday, July 20, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie und Fruendin!!

This last week was off the charts, had the best little miracles and are trying to do the best we can before Sister Harris is transferred to America! And trying to navigate mission life as President has been sending us cryptic texts, haha. Don't know what'll happen this next transfer!

Highlights: Last monday night we had FHE at our institute center with a member who-get this- was the national champion for ping pong!! She is like 90 now, but has the energy of a 20 year old. It was awesome, she showed us how it's really done.

Tuesday night, we found a new investigator! Originally we went to one building to visit a less active, but since he wasn't home, we looked at the other names on the building nearby. There was one that I was SURE was an African name, so of course we rang them. On our way up, Sister Harris joked, What if they were White?? Haha, open the door and it's this super old white lady, from Iraq! Haha. Surprise! She told us to come back on Saturday because her daughter is a christian like her, and can speak English. We came back, and her daughter is awesome!! Had a small How to Begin Teaching, and she was so happy! She said, "How did you find me here? I am the only Christian in this entire building, the rest are Muslim!" Whelp, love how the spirit works!!! We'll be seeing her and her 2 daughters this next week!
Just to say, we get to meet sooo many people from all over the world: Pakistan, Iraq, Ghana, Rwanda, Egypt, India, Jerusalem, Romania, and Poland. These are just a few of the people in our teaching pool right now!! How cool is that?

Went on exchange with the STLs, they're pretty legit. I stayed here in Kiel with Sister Clegg, she's from Kaysville, Ut. while Sister Harris went to Hamburg with Sister Means.

Had an awesome lesson with our Polish investigator named Maria, brought Miriam (Young single adult in the ward) and it was awesome! Miriam after said, "Man, you sisters, I really felt the spirit at you two taught!! I felt like I was on my mission again! I want to come next time, call me up, ok?" So cute!

Sunday was the bomb- finish sacrament meeting and a cute young African lady is sitting in the back. Chat it up, and she had just walked in because "I had come by on the bus, and saw the name of your church, and decided I need to come!" WOO!! Love the spirit! She loved church, stayed for all 3 hours, and will be coming to Institute this Wednesday. Her name is Gerardine, so adorable!! Miracles peeps!

This last week we've been studying the Priesthood as a distrikt, and my mind has been BLOWN by how much there is to know about it. I thought I understood the basics of the immense power God has given to his sons, but boy, there is much above my understanding! I love it!!

Quote of week: "Woah, you're blind!! You're BLIIIIINND!!!" -Sister Harris, as she walks out of the bathroom with my glasses on. Hahaha

Pic: our Zone Leaders..... (We are to take a pic this week for the mission president, and they were deciding if they should use their country flags in the pic. haha)

I love you all!! Thanks for keeping me updated on life. And don't forget how applicable the gospel is, it is seriously in every aspect of our lives. Don't be afraid to share your testimony, it can change lives!!!  So excited to talk to you this next week!!
Liebe Immer,

Sister Titensor

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