Monday, January 4, 2016

Aug 10th 2015

Hallo Liebe Familie!!!!

Well this week was super low-key, not much happened... The biggest
thing is probably P-Day. We went to the beach in Laboe! And we were
there for like 20 minutes, before I introduced a game that ultimately
led Elder Blake to almost get stitches... Whoops. I wanted to play
"long-jump Laboe edition", and then the elders got way into it... We
wanted to see who could jump the furthest from one point in the sand.
And as Elder Blake got a running start, he ran over the wood board
walk, which slit the bottom of his foot wide open. The medical guys
got him bandaged up, and our mission couple, the Cooks, were able to
pick the elders up and take him to the hospital. Good news, no
stitches somehow. Bad news, we were literally there for 20 minutes and
then it took us 2 hours to get home. :(

So.... That was our time at the beach. We're going again today, so
wish us luck, haha.

A ton of my energy was gone this week, I don't know where the energy
went, but na ya. Sister Davis introduced me to Melatonin, and it's
made me the happiest thing ever!

We went by on lots of contacts this week, and everyone seems to be on
vacation! It's weird, it's like it's summer vacation or something.

Sunday was amazing, we had a less active African come to church! The
whole Ward was so welcoming and he seriously had an awesome time!
Also, the mother I talked about last week, who has struggles with the
Word of Wisdom- she came to church!! She came all by herself, from
Rendsburg!! How cool is that?? It was a Sunday of miracles. Also,
Jake, I regret not learning organ from you! There is only one person
in our Ward who can play, and they wished I could switch here and
there. Dang. After mish, you're teaching me, yeah? :)

Also, I had so many awkward encounters this last week, where I just
feel like I can't hold a normal conversation with people... Ha, well,
what's life without a little bit of awkwardness, right? Meine gute...

Ooh, we pulled our mattress out onto the deck yesterday, and enjoyed
the cool breeze! We're so stoked for being creative.
Thanks for all the support! Sorry for a short letter, but I have a
feeling this next week will give us some good stories! Hopefully I'll
have a cooler letter next week. Don't forget the little things you do
are important, and that your Father in Heaven is VERY aware of your
efforts and desires.

Love you all!!!

Sister Titensor

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