Monday, January 4, 2016

Aug 17th 2015

What up fam and friends!!!

Hey, shoutout first to cousin Brandon Baum, who is going on his
mission this week!!! Viel Glück, und alles gute! You are amazing, and
will do great!

I am so spoiled you guys, I had so many amazing celebrations for my
birthday this last week! The Cooks made a special birthday dinner for
me and Elder Blake Friday night, as his birthday was Tuesday. Sister
Cook even made a money cake! She wrapped euros in tinfoil, put them in
the batter, and baked it. I got a whole euro along with my cake!
And Sister Davis bought my favorite Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, and we
downed it in probably 10 minutes flat. Ha, and she dyed my hair a dark
brown for my birthday too!
Sunday, the Gudegasts came to church, all dressed up- "I wanted to
look stylish for you today."- Sister Gudegast. As we taught primary,
the teachers had the kids sing me happy birthday! And that night, we
made brownies, and sat out on our balcony. Yup, greatest birthday in
Germany EVER!! And thanks for all your birthday wishes, I loved
them!!! 20 years old now... Weird.

For P- Day we went to the beach again, and it was a success! Played
frisbee games and had a blast.

District Meeting was hilarious this last week, I think we're trying to
be creative now to mix things up. Sister Davis and I had a "Spotlight"
part, and I tap danced for the district.... Haha. Surprise talent,
yeah? It was a joke the night before, but we surprised ourselves by
actually doing it! We taped metal spoons to the bottom of my shoes,
and Sis. Davis sang "Dina Won't You Blow" as I tapped. Suffice it to
say, it was amazing. Haha, then we performed a real musical piece

We met with Maren this week, she is an absolute sweetheart. Because of
our new focus on the temple in the mission, we taught the Plan of
Salvation with the temple, and she loved it! We hope she comes church

We met with Birgitta Reikies again, and she is doing awesome folks!
She hasn't been drinking, and is working diligently through the 12
step program from the church. It really is an inspired book, and it's
inspiring to see someone make such big changes. She also came to
church! I'm  beginning to more fully understand the meaning of
"finding the one", as Christ did.

I also discovered the greatest talk this week, by Elder Eyring, called
"Rise To Your Call". It really resonated with me.

Funnies: At a bakery this week, I asked the worker for a plastic
spoon, except I forgot the word for "plastic" in German, so I motioned
to the silverware nearby, and he said, " oh, you'd like a spoon-to-go,
right?" And for some reason that tickled my funny bone, as Dad would
say. I was laughing for a solid 15 minutes.

Also, check out "Ein Hoch auf Uns", one of the popular German songs
right now, it's pretty sweet.

Love you all!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I am so grateful!!!

Sister Titensor

---BEACH!! Elders, Saher, and Jakob!
---Panorama, Sister Davis and I. Bonus points if you can find the
hidden gem. :)
--- Birthday Cake!
--- Birthday photo collage Sister Davis made for me! "20 things I love

about Sister Titensor"

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