Monday, January 4, 2016

August 3rd 2015

Hallo Alle Meine Lieben!!

Well, it's already August 3rd and I'm freaking out a little bit! But
it's ok because....

Transfer news- we're both staying together in Kiel! Woo hoo! This will
be our third transfer together! And the funny thing is, nobody in our
whole district, even our whole zone changed- (except for two
missionaries going home)- we will all be together for 5 months, haha.
We're all a little surprised, it's really rare for this to happen, but
it's going to be awesome! Sister Davis has to buckle in, one more
transfer with me, ha, she's a patient one!

This week we had lots of contact with investigators which was awesome!
Had a lesson with Maren, our miracle lady who called us wanting to
meet. She wants to know everything about our church, and is currently
meeting with Jehovah witnesses too. But we can see how the spirit has
been comforting her and answering her questions as she's read the BOM.
I love how the spirit works! There is some serious potential with her.

Played soccer with our Turkish friends again this week, Sister Davis
and I actually made some goals! Woo hoo!

Another great thing this week, we met with the Ukaj family, and had
more elders Skype with them. The husband, Euglant, is doing really
well and keeps reading 3 pages in the BOM a day! His wife Alma was
gone when we came, but she is also really diligent!
After that lesson, we visited the mother of one of our younger
members. She has expressed lots of interest in being baptized, but she
has lots of problems with addiction. As we talked with her, I felt
such a love for her, and I felt how much her Father in Heaven wants
her to come to Him. Her circumstances are not easy, but we will do all
we can, working with the Ward, the elders, and the Lord to help her!

Visited Cami again this week! Love her to death, she fed us a Romanian
dish, made with cabbage and tomato sauce, and some type of meat. Ha,
and guess what family? I liked it! Woo hoo! Favorite quote from her
this week: " I didn't have time to do that this week. Who am I
kidding? I had plenty of time, I'm just lazy." Haha

Oh, Sister Davis and I made a fort this week, that was pretty fun!

I found something really good in my studies this week, and it's about
the small things we do. As I've been reflecting on the daily things I
do, I've asked myself, "Am I paying attention to what is most
important" and "Am I really helping anyone today?" And for me it's
easy to feel like what I'm doing isn't amounting to anything. But
Howard W. Hunter says this:
  "Let us remember that doing the things that have been ordained by
God to be important and needful and necessary, even though the world
may view them as unimportant and insignificant, will eventually lead
to true greatness." TRUE greatness, now what a promise that is! It's
really helped me to have patience in all the aspects of missionary
work, and to know that the little things really do matter. It's all
about consistency with real intent!

Love you all! Thanks for your constant support! Have an amazing week,
don't forget that the little things really do matter!

Sister Titensor

Pics: --our district, staying all the same this next transfer! (our
Zone Leaders were gone, so we got them in the pic on Skype, ha)
-- our choice selections we bought for dinner one night, haha.
--- coming into Rendsburg on Friday, the train goes above the city in

a circle, then descends into the main Bahnhof.

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