Monday, January 4, 2016

Aug 24th

Sup Family and Friends!

This last week was a little longer than others, as we've been trying
to stay creative in all that we're doing. Some of those attempts
include dying my hair a second time, me cutting Sister Davis' hair,
and rearranging our apartment. Ha

On Monday I went on exchange with Sister Clegg, and she taught me how
do to the worm! I went to Hamburg and loved talking to her about what
she's learned from her mission, as she goes home this week. I was
reminded how important it is to write down the miracles- there is
seriously something that we're given from God everyday!

Tuesday we had choir practice for our Mission Tour the next day. Elder
Morton had to organize an entire choir in two days, and it turned out
pretty darn good. We then overnighted in Hamburg with 12 other sisters
in the STL's apartment. Talk about a crazy fun party, and we all slept
really well! Win-win.

Mission Tour on Wednesday was awesome with Elder Johnson of the 70. He
talked about how it's important we remember the spirit in all we do.
We can't do this work, or help people progress without the spirit. And
when needed, recapture your vision of what you're doing. Refresh your
view and go forward, seeking the spirit.

On Thursday we went finding, and I almost got kissed by a Syrian man!
We had seen him before, so we talked a while, invited him to church,
and as I'm shaking his hand goodbye, he pulls me in CLOSE towards his
face, and I jerk back quickly, and we say goodbye as smoothly as
possible and leave. Avoided that one!

Sunday was awesome, Birgit came to church!! She is making so much
progress, and the Ward was awesome at welcoming her! That night our RS
President invited us over for dinner, and it was amazing. I have seen
so many blessings by working with church leaders and really seeking to
build relationships- there is strength when we work together!

Please pray that we can find those that are prepared to receive the
gospel here in Kiel!
Love you all!! Thanks for your support!

Sister Titensor

-Because we have a lot of fruit flies in our apartment, we put up
hanging fly traps which are the equivalent to molasses on tape- and
poor Sister Davis got her hair stuck on one.... It was a painful
afternoon! We got it out with oil eventually, haha.
-Jakob, one of the YSA, hurt his foot playing soccer, so we took him
to the hospital. As we arrived, we quickly saw that finding the
entrance would be a harder than we thought. It ended up being a half
hour excursion, including carrying him through construction and
ringing several other buildings to find the real hospital. Haha, we
found it eventually, but were grateful it wasn't anything more

- "Be Yourself Not Sister Titensor" class, taught by Sister Davis. "We
have to be ok being ourselves, even though we don't have cute curly
hair like Sister Titensor". - Sister Davis haha
-12 sisters in one apartment!! Woo hoo!

- Sister Davis' new bangs after I cut them

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