Monday, January 4, 2016

November 9th. Dresden Week 2!

Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde!

Dresden has been great this last week, the work is really growing in our area, and that is a huge blessing! 

We set out a baptismal date with one of our investigators this week! Her name is Ireen, she's 17 and from the beginning has investigated the church by herself. She is the coolest German, and such a self-motivated young lady! Her date is for the beginning of January, and she already comes to church every week, and has begun working in her Personal Progress from YW! I'll have to send pics soon.

We also have 2 other investigators that are almost on baptismal date too! There are so many prepared people, I am so amazed.

We went out to a further area this week to visit some less actives, and boy was the accent hard for me to understand! They say the 'Sachsisch' accent is hard, and it has been an adventure! I would liken it to American English versus Irish English, haha. Some things get lost in translation.

I was also able to go on exchange this week with the STLs in Freiberg, and got a temple tour! It was so fun to be at the temple, and be reminded of how much of a miracle it was to have a temple built in DDR German times. There are so many miracles in this work.

We had Stake Conference this weekend, and guess who I saw? President and Sister Kosak! It was like coming home! They are in our stake, so we will see them often. How awesome! Three of our investigators came too, success!

Other than that, we are going forward, staying busy in both wards, and looking forward to all the blessings and tender mercies that the Lord brings in our daily lives. I am striving to work hard at all times, especially as Sister Flake will be going home soon, and I will be needed to lead in the area! There is something to be said in working hard until the last minute! I have gained a huge testimony of that, and believe that the Lord knows and appreciates our extra efforts. It is worth it!!

Love you all!
Sister Titensor

Pic: P-day at the Zoo today!

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