Monday, January 4, 2016

November 2nd- Dresden

Hallo Liebe Familie und Freunde,

 After saying so many hard goodbyes, and riding in trains all day, I
made it to Dresden! And well, what can I say, I am very blessed-
Dresden is like a dream!! I am so blessed to be working with Sister
Flake in her last transfer! She's from Arizona, and is a convert of
about 2 years. We already have so much fun, so this is going to be a
good one!

On Wednesday, we visited a new convert named Sandra, she got baptized
just 2 weeks ago! She is awesome, and we helped clean her apartment.
We have actually begun to teach her good friend David, and she is the
best joint teach ever! We see her several times a week, so she is like
our home girl.

They also have an institute here, so it felt a little like Kiel! The
YSA's are super cute, 2 of which are going on missions themselves and
they will invite their friends to their farewells.

Friday, we had district meeting and President came! We had a way good
interview and he helped me see that I'm needed here in Dresden, and
how we can use our talents to build where we stand. I also got to talk
to Sister Fingerle for a while, and she is the cutest!

Sunday was a crazy cool experience in of itself! A bit overwhelming,
but good! Because we are over 2 wards, we are bouncing between Sunday
schools, Sacrament meetings and such. I also got to give my testimony
twice! Haha. What's fun was I saw a member from Spandau, who happened
to be there! I'm excited, the members are really pretty open, and
introduce themselves and everything! Soooo much potential!! The bishop
of the second Ward had us over for dinner, and it was so great!

I am so excited to be working hard here in Dresden! I know the Lord is
very aware of His children and He will guide us according to our
desires to work with Him! I know the Lord needs each of us in this
work, no matter how small we may feel our efforts are. I have seen
that over and over again on my mission, we really cannot underestimate
how much we are needed in this work.
Thanks for all the support family and friends!

In Liebe,
Sister Titensor


--Heart of Dresden at night- Halloween evening. Some of the buildings
are hard to see, but still, it is a breathtaking view.

-- The "Zwinger"- old palace grounds! All of these buildings are like
10 minutes down the road from our apartment. :) yeah.

--Transfer day- Got to see my beloved Sister Montierth on the train to
Berlin! We were in Spandau as we took the picture. So many good

memories! :)

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