Monday, January 4, 2016

October 5th 2015

Sup Fam and Friends!!!

I got lots of letters from the office this week!! Thanks Grandpa Baum,
Aunt Shiela!! We aren't able to get our mail through our office very
regularly anymore, so feel free to send things to my apartment

This week we had lots of fun things happen to keep things interesting!
We had exchanges on Monday, and I stayed in Kiel with Sister Walker.
It was awesome. The STLs are doing a "Only German 30-day challenge"
and they are crazy good at it!

On Tuesday we exchanged back, and had a family history class by two
sisters in our mission! They're touring the mission, helping us to see
how easy it is to do family history. It was fun too, because these
sisters are currently serving in Spandau! So I got to hear about all
my favorite people in Berlin.
That night was a fun sleepover of 6 sisters in our apartment for our
Zone Training Meeting the next day! Talk about awesomeness!

Zone Training Meeting was awesome, seriously so well done. The Zone
Leaders gave a hilarious role play about finding on the bus, and I was
able to perform a musical number with some elders.

Other than that, I've seen lots of little miracles this week. We've
talked with great people on busses, on random streets, and everywhere.
And I am so grateful that the Lord puts us where He needs us to be!

Something new in our mission is that we now have Sister AP's, so
that's pretty cool! It was kind of random how it came about, but I
think it'll be cool to give the sisters more of a voice in our

General conference was amazing!! I loved it all, but especially Elder
Uchtdorf's talk, and Larry Lawrence's about asking the Lord directly
"what do I need to change?". And how simple the answers can be, like
just cleaning up your room, or eating healthier. Helped to remind me
how involved the spirit is in my life! And I loved the messages about
women, and the power of motherhood! I was giving fist pumps during
those talks.

All is well here in Kiel, thanks for your constant support!! The Fall
is setting in, and I'm reminded daily of how grateful I am to serve my
Father in Heaven in beautiful Germany.

Love you all!

Sister Titensor

General Conference! :)

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