Monday, January 4, 2016

September 28th

Sup Family and Friends!!

Fall is here in Kiel, and we're still on the hunt for new
investigators!! This week was pretty basic, we've been doing lots more
finding and working on our German which has been awesome!

One big thing that began this week has been the influx of immigrants!!
We've seen so many come into Kiel this last week, and the government
is providing sleeping arrangements and everything. Supposedly there
are around 800,000 immigrants here now! It's been cool to see Germany
just welcome them in. And now we have the opportunity to teach even
more people from other countries!

We went finding with the elders this week, that was something cool! We
walked opposite sides of the street, and tried to see who could find
an investigator first. We talked to a lot of cool peeps, yet didn't
find anyone that day.

As I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday, I thought about the
words of the hymn and took a look at the people I was surrounded by. I
was filled with gratitude for the German people and for this time to
serve among them! I mean, I know it sounds totally "missionary" but
it's the truth! I love being surrounded by this culture, people, and
language, and having this opportunity to serve here. Now that my time
on the mission has gone by increasingly faster, I am so scared for it
to end!

After sacrament, there was a baptism of a member family, and it was
awesome! The mother invited 20+ members of their family that are
non-members and for most, it was their first time in a church! We were
able to meet a lot of them, and the mother told us afterwords that her
family really enjoyed the baptism! Go member/missionary work!!

Also, so stoked for General Conference!! The best weekend as a missionary EVER!

Oh, fun story of the day for you all: we were in our apartment this
morning, and a man came by to sell us telephone service. He asked, "Do
you have a telephone with our company?"  Sister Davis, "no, we don't
actually have a telephone." Man: "oh, ok, but your T.V., you have a
service for that, right?" "No, we don't own a T.V. either." Man:"Oh,
ok then what about your Wifi?" "We don't have that either...."  Man:
"what?? Why??" Hahaha, Sister Davis explained that we don't stay here
for long, and he finally decided that it wasn't worth it to try and
sell us something. Haha. Missionary life.

Thanks for all your support!! I love you all! Keep it real!

Liebe Immer,

Sister Titensor

Pic: the park as we walked through this morning- pretty boring pic,
ha, but this is what we see almost everyday! Awesome morning fog near

the coast.

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