Monday, January 4, 2016

September 21st

Hallo Meine Lieben!!!

This last week has been slow... but we've had lots of changes as many
of the missionaries in our district changed and we started new goals
for this next transfer. Our new district leader is Elder Greaves, and
he's awesome. Our district is still really old on the mission, with
more than half of us going home in December/ January.

And guess what fam? Our new Zone Leader is from California and worked
at Disneyland for a long time! He has been letting us in on all the
Disney secrets! Here are a few Disney secrets I learned this week for
you: there is indeed a basketball court inside of the Matterhorn,
Tinker Bell that flys down from the zip line at night is actually a 6
ft tall man, and all the expenses that Disneyland has to expend in one
day on rides, employees, food, electricity, etc is made up by 10:00 in
the morning. Craziness right? I'll find out more for you this next
week. :)

We also helped a member family move this last week, and let me tell
you- even if Germans have small apartments, they still are able to
collect a lot! It was really fun to help out though.

As far as our investigators go, we'll meet with Maren tomorrow, and
Birgit has been doing really poorly this last week with her health.
It's been hard to see Satan work so hard on her with her addictions! I
know that Heavenly Father is very aware of her and will guide her and
us to find what can help her best. Other than that, we are upping our
focus on finding new people and working to go on more splits with
ladies in the Ward! I know the Lord wants this area to grow and we are
really trying our best to do just that!

I've been studying a lot about diligence this last week, and have
found a new favorite tag-line: "Use your time for the moments and
things that matter most and focus on them. Don't daydream  through the
important moments!" And being a missionary, I've learned more and more
just how important our time is. And I don't want to waste a minute of
it with this special calling and that's been my new goal as of late.

Thanks for all your support family and friends! Love you all!!

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor


--- Muddy Buddies! Thanks Fam!!

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