Monday, January 4, 2016

September 7th

Hallo Liebe Family!!

These last few weeks have seriously been some of the busiest I've
experienced on my mission! It has been crazy good, and packed with
member appointments, trains, fire sides, 50th wedding anniversary,
lessons on the beach, fallen out appointments, and reactivation of
Ward members!

We taught Lamia English again this week, she is really so sweet! We
hope she'll come on Wednesday with Lyda again!

We visited Birgit again this week, and she is doing great!! The Cooks
were able to drive us to Rendsburg, and on the way they bought us
McDonalds! You have no idea, McDonalds has become such a treat to us
here! Birgit is making progress and is beginning to open up to us a
lot more too. I am so grateful to be able to work through the
addiction recovery program with her.

We had another lesson with Maren this week, and she is a bit unsure of
whether the church is "the right church for her". We took it really
easy, bore our testimonies, and walked down to the beach where we
talked more about God's hand in our lives. And the role of the family.
She's searching for truth, but isn't to the point to where she's ready
to make changes that are uncomfortable. But she will get there, I know
she will. We'll see her again at the end of this month.

Friday was crazy, our schedule for the day changed at least 8 times
that morning. We ended up going to lunch with the Cooks, as it was
their 50th wedding anniversary! We ate at Vapiano's, which was
amazing, and we ate a cake Sister Davis and I made for them. Except
this cake was more than normal, it was a classic "money cake", with
euros we owed the Cooks inside! Haha.

Then that night we went to the church to help set up for the surprise
party the whole Ward was throwing for the Cook's anniversary. We
learned that Germans are very particular about table, and silverware
placement. Ha.

Saturday morning we had a drunk guy come to our door, haha. The poor
guy, around 30 years old, had locked himself out of his apartment
across from ours, was left with only a few choice articles of
clothing, and knocked on our door for help. We offered him our phone,
and he called his mom but she didn't answer. He eventually found a
friend and left.
But the story gets better- we made some phone calls to members that
same morning, but a few hadn't answered. And we didn't have their
numbers saved in our phone.
We are out an hour later, and the phone rings- no name- Sister Davis
answers- " oh yeah, we called you, well, your son called because he
was drunk, and in his underwear, and was locked out .." And goes on to
explain the story. Sister Davis hangs up, and then a look of
mortification falls on her face. "Wait, Sister Titensor- I think that
was a member we called earlier, not the drunk dude's mom!"
Whoops. Hahaha, we called back and apologized to the member, but I
think she's still confused.

Saturday evening was the big surprise party- it was awesome! The Cooks
were so amazed and were treated to a buffet! Definitely a really well
done party!

Sunday was amazing, Sister Gugegast came, and has accepted a calling!
She is now working in the family history center!!! Sister Davis and I
reflected on how we felt we needed to show her the "My Family" packet
about a month ago, and to help her get involved. She basically told us
"I have no need for family history" when we first brought it up. But
look now! Inspired! She got up and shared her testimony for the first
time since she's come back to church! Progress folks!

Taught the Ukaj that evening, and they are amazing! They're reading in
the BOM and are always so loving towards us missionaries. They have my

This week I hit my year mark, and that's weirding me out! Time really
is warped on the mission. I feel like it wasn't too long ago that I
was just bopping around the MTC!

Oh, and here is a cool article on missionaries in Germany! A lot of
the missionaries in my mission are in there!

Thanks for all support! Love you all!! Sorry for the long email! :)

Liebe Immer,
Sister Titensor

-Eating at Vapiano's, enjoying our home made "moneycake". Some wierd
faces, but this was the picture that turned out the best, haha.

- on our way to Marens, on the bus!

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